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Managed IT Services in Dallas, IT Support, Cloud and Cybersecurity Services

Your Company, Your Technology, Your Success! Data Magic Inc. is your IT Services Provider for Dallas and Fort Worth. Our commitment removes IT from your daily worry list so you can work stress-free.

What Our Clients Have To Say

They know their stuff... they've seen it before typically, and if they haven't, they'll tell you, do the research, and figure it out. Not only are they knowledgeable, but they also know where to go to fill in any knowledge they don't have, which is few and far between.

Andy Cooper

IT Manager - Creative Food Ingredients

Data Magic was able to come in knowing what we needed on the distribution side from our previous operation. They put it all in place in under 30 days...

it was extremely important to us that they knew our business and were able to come and get us operational.

Frank Paul King

Owner - Temple Fork Outfitters

  • Great service. Extremely knowledgable. Wonderful follow through. Data Magic helps you focus on your strengths because you can lean on theirs.

    Nick Niven Avatar Nick Niven

    Data Magic inc helps businesses take care of all their IT needs. Very reputable company through and through. Highly trained professionals who will help get your business back on track in a timely manner.

    Ross Hendricks Avatar Ross Hendricks
  • I have worked with Data Magic for many years and through many transitions. As a small business, I am sure I am not one of their largest clients. However, the team at Data Magic respond to me as if I were their only client. They are very quick to respond if I have an issue. When we had some confounding software issues, they stuck with it until they found a solution. I'm not particularly tech savvy, so it is very important that I be able to trust the recommendations of my IT support. From the top down, this is first rate operation. I can recommend Data Magic without reservation. Polly Rea O'Toole Principal, O'Toole Family Law

    Polly Rea O'Toole Avatar Polly Rea O'Toole

    Data Magic is a great company with a highly skilled staff! They will help with any problems that you might be having, and will suggest cost-effective solutions. Their response time is great! Ask for Alex, he has helped us many times and we appreciate his knowledge and willingness to go above and beyond. Expect the same from Hunter, two great techs for sure!

    David Hall Avatar David Hall
  • We have been working with Data Magic Inc. since 5/15/2017. This review is for Hunter Morris that currently works for Data Magic and was such a Blessing for Me.. We were having Major Internet problems while we all were out of town last weekend so I called the Data Magic after hours and Hunter answered... Hunter worked with me on the phone Friday night, at which time we both thought the issues was Resolved.. The Next day everyone was able to access their work emails but Of Course Not me?? So Hunter made a Goal to get my work emails back up and Running, which Hunter Did An Amazing Job on.. I Truly Appreciated All of Hunter's time he put in for all of us could Check our Work Emails with out Anymore Issues.. Thank you So So Much Hunter for Not Giving Up on my Work Email.. You Are the Greatest.... Dana Drake

    Dana Drake Avatar Dana Drake

    Highly recommend Data Magic, These guys know their business and provide quality results. The team hits the ground running and wont leave you hanging in a time of need. I have had the pleasure of having their technician Jordan on my site several times. Jordan is an asset, educated in his field and a pleasure to have on site. I truly value my relationship with Data Magic and hope you give them a shot!!

    Kurt Fletcher Avatar Kurt Fletcher
  • I've worked as a Data Magic strategic partner for several years. Their dedication to quality and customer service is second to none. Would recommend them to anyone interested in IT managed services, especially in the infrastructure and cybersecurity space.

    Ben Khoury Avatar Ben Khoury

    I love working with Data Magic! David Shore is awesome! He set my remote login up so that it is user friendly even for a non computer person like myself. lol David is always there to help me with all my computer issues in person or with these times by logging in.

    Dena Beddow Avatar Dena Beddow
  • Mick is awesome. He is great to work with and we can always rely on him to get us back on track when there is an issue. We have used Datamagic for many years and they have helped us with many tasks, small and large, from printing issues, networking glitches, to new workstations, Server Upgrade and O365 migration. I especially like that their support has a personal touch rather than just being number. Josie, AAI

    AAI - Avatar AAI -

    I cannot say enough about how the staff at Data Magic has helped us with our small office needs. Extremely efficient, customer service skills are top notch, and we are never made to feel like we are a bother. HIGHLY recommend them! Thank you Kaitlyn, Jordan, Hunter and Shane for all you do for us!

    Sheri Collins Avatar Sheri Collins

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Why North Texas Professionals Choose Data Magic

Our team is made up of an amazing group of individuals who understand and appreciate excellent customer services, with years of experience in technology and business operation.

CTOs, CIOs, & IT Managers

CTOs choose us because they want a reliable partner to help them with their technology needs, such as designing and building software systems, implementing and maintaining hardware infrastructure, and providing ongoing support and maintenance.

Executive Teams

Executive teams choose us because they recognize the importance of technology in driving business growth and success. They want a partner that can help them leverage technology to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and gain a competitive edge in their industry.

CFOs & Controllers

CFOs choose us because they want an IT partner that can help them optimize costs, reduce risk, and maximize the value of their technology investments.

Stop Worrying About Your Organization’s IT Service. Data Magic Makes IT Easy.

From initial consultation to assessment, to service agreement, your organization is in good hands with Data Magic, Dallas and Fort Worth’s top IT services company.

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