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Network Transformation: Charting the Path for 5G Adoption

Network Transformation: Charting the Path for 5G adoption

Is 5G computing setting the stage for network transformation? According to some industry leaders, this ultra-fast connection is jump-starting the next level of infrastructure innovation.  

The latest 5G technology is expected to become more widespread in 2020, and this speedy new method of interaction is a far cry from the 1G technology that was initially introduced in the 1970s. With promises including up to 100x speed increases over the already-speedy 4G LTE networks, 5G internet may genuinely be what technology pundits like to call a "game-changer." Yet, is there a point at which our internet access is merely fast enough, and we aren't seeing the incremental improvements that are being delivered in each generation? Fortunately, we are not quite to that tipping point yet, and there are still plenty of advances to come with the introduction of speeds that can reach up to 10 Gbps -- making wireless internet feel every bit as fast as a direct fiber connection. With data-hungry applications such as virtual reality and augmented reality queuing up in the wings, it's easy to see that network transformation will be required before organizations can take full advantage of the speed built into 5G connections.
5G Networks In Dallas Texas

Building 5G Networks "The Right Way."

Taking the time to review current business processes and infrastructure before leaping into a 5G implementation is being pushed by many technology professionals, even though this might slow down adoption in some instances. Organizations that are shifting into full speed ahead mode with their 5G adoption may later realize that they're inheriting particular idiosyncrasies from previous technologies that could have been avoided with an upfront rework of their infrastructure. As Bejoy Pankajakshan, executive vice president of cloud firm Mavenir, notes, "A 5G network is envisaged as the most open, powerful, flexible, and advanced network the telecoms world has ever seen. At its heart, [it] is a software network, and its development and deployment require a new approach and a new way of thinking."

Edge Computing and 5G Unite to Bring Change

With edge computing, processing power, and requirements are shifted from a centralized hub to the outer rings of the network, effectively reducing the amount of time required for data transit and creating speedier interactions between users and business applications or databases. Edge computing is often platform agnostic, allowing companies to improve the overall user experience by reducing latency even in slower wireless transactions. When you include the possibilities involved with 5G speeds, you are looking at dramatically decreased transaction times and the ability for companies to truly bring real-time augmented and virtual reality environments to life in a meaningful way.

The new wave of connectivity that surrounds the 5G-enabled cloud will provide unprecedented opportunities for businesses to shift their focus to collaboration and tighter connections with vendors, partners, and their customers. What isn't clear is whether these exciting new opportunities will become a source of innovation -- or only yet another technical challenge to be overcome. When you work with the team of IT experts at Data Magic Computer Services, you are gaining access to a group of forward-thinking individuals with in-depth technical knowledge and the ability to share their infrastructure and technology design solutions for the future. Contact the professionals at Data Magic at (469) 635-5500 to schedule your free initial consultation and see how Dallas companies are experiencing unprecedented growth by providing internal IT teams with the time to focus on innovation and process improvement.

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