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Are Cheap Computers Letting You Down?

Are you paying as little as possible but expecting the usual from your computers? Is it possible to avoid full price and still get what you need from IT?

No one wants to spend money they don’t feel they have to.

Especially when it comes to a carefully planned budget, you hate to have to go over it in any way. That’s why, in business, corners are often cut when and where they can be.

This commonly happens with IT.

People often rely on cheap, second hand or inherited technology. Or, they don’t even bother upgrading when expected, and use the same old computers for years on end, even after they start causing problems.

What you may not know is that saving money by buying cheap may cost you more in the long run. The fact is that cheap computers typically don’t last very long – you might get a couple of years of service out of one, whereas better-made brands can last more than 5 years.

And that doesn’t even take performance into consideration…

Are Cheap Computers Fast Enough?


If you buy cheap, it means you’re paying for cheap hardware – i.e. an “entry level processor”. You can forget about streaming video on a computer like that.

But maybe you just need it for document processing, email, etc. The fact is that, for those working in any type of business, slow processing speed will always mean waiting for something to load.

You also need to invest in RAM – if the ad says 2GB of RAM, then it’s not worth your time. It will struggle to run programs like Microsoft Office 365, Adobe, and other software suites (many of which you’ll want to use at the same time).

Can You Afford The Repair Bills?

Beyond the cost to outright replace the computer every few years, and the wasted time you’ll spend waiting on it to load, you also have to factor in the cost of repairs – because cheap computers break down. A lot.

As soon as something goes wrong, you’ll have to start paying. The repair guy will want at least a hundred bucks just to look at it. If you’ve already spent a few hundred on the computer, then it just doesn’t make sense to spend another few to fix it, right?

Computer repair costs can be high, and they won’t be going down – but you can avoid all that by investing in a reliable computer that won’t need to be repaired until it gets really old.

What About Resale Value?

Maybe you’re thinking you can sell your cheap computer to help make up some of the cost of the next one you’re buying.

Sure – you may be able to sell your 3-year-old, $300 computer… for $50? Tops?

The point is, it’ll barely be worth your time, and it won’t make much of a dent in your next purchase.

Is There A Way To Avoid Cheap Computer Problems?

Absolutely – invest in a better product from the beginning.

It’s all about considering each and every cost that comes with a given computer.

On one hand, you have a cheap, $300 computer that will only last a few years, require repairs on occasion, slows down your work processes, and will be worth next to nothing when you’re done.

On the other hand, you have an expensive, $1000 computer, that could last three times as long, run fast and effectively, require little repairs or support, and can be sold for a few hundred when you need to replace it.

Doesn’t the choice seem obvious?

An expensive computer requires more capital at the start, but it’ll mean less work, stress and ongoing expenses over the course of its life.

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