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Boost Security Awareness and Reach New Customers with Managed IT Services

Security Awareness and Reach New Customers

Looking for a competitive advantage for your business? It might be closer than you realize. Taking the pressure off of your internal IT team provides space for serious innovation.  

Slow networks and websites. Questionable security processes. Iffy backup procedures. Taken separately, each of these components of your business could cause significant damage to your customer relationship, but together they could spell doom for your entire company. In today’s highly competitive landscapes, it doesn’t take a lot of frustrations to entice a customer to take their business elsewhere — or to widely share their poor experience on social media. The threat of cyberattacks is always present, while data breaches are happening on a near-daily basis. With more than 60% of small businesses unable to function after a data breach, it’s imperative that your infrastructure is fully secure and optimized. Unfortunately, many small to mid-size businesses struggle to staff their IT teams adequately with limited budgets. Working with an IT managed services provider offers significant benefits, including more structured costs, improved security levels and quick responses in the event of an emergency.

Improving Customer Experience

Today’s customers have certain expectations of your business — that your website loads quickly, that they’ll have immediate and secure access to their order history and account information and that they can get support when, where and how they need it. Each of these operational activities has a basis in technology and without the right infrastructure, you are certain to lose the respect (and business!) of your customers. Creating a proactive support structure for your business begins with secure data backups and a robust disaster recovery strategy, so you can quickly resolve problems when they occur instead of risking the goodwill of your customers.

More Efficient Operations

Is your team spending double the time required for data entry due to slow networks or business applications that haven’t been fully optimized? Working with an IT services provider lends added creativity and support to enhance your business operations and streamline unwieldy processes. Each efficiency that you add ultimately translates to a boost in revenue and longevity for your business. Without the confidence that your business network and data systems are fully secure, your high-paid internal IT professionals are forced to perform day-to-day maintenance that is little more than a temporary patch as opposed to a long-term solution for technology challenges.

Enhanced Security and Disaster Recovery Support

Each click of the mouse performed by your staff could spell disaster for your company, with ransomware and other malware running rampant through businesses of all sizes. From a tightly managed firewall to aggressive antivirus and anti-malware solutions, you need the confidence of knowing that your company is fully protected in the event of a cybersecurity incident. Even if you had the funds to staff a full-time cybersecurity expert, it would be difficult if not impossible for that individual to stay up-to-date on all of the various risks facing your industry. Working with an IT services provider that specializes in cybersecurity expands the knowledge and solutions available to your organization and helps keep your company safe in the tumultuous security landscape.

Creating an environment where your teams are fully supported and confident in your company’s infrastructure allows them to focus on the most important aspects of their job — your customers! The team at Data Magic Computer Services is laser-focused on creating a secure and reliable infrastructure for your company, reducing stress and frustration for your staff. Contact the tech wizards from Data Magic at (469) 635-5500 or use our quick online form to request your free initial consultation. We work with organizations of all sizes in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, providing forward-thinking IT support that works just like magic.

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