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Cloud Backup Services in Dallas (DFW)

Data Magic Computer Services provides cloud backup services for organizations throughout Dallas and Fort Worth. Speak with a cloud expert today.

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Reliable Cloud Backup Services for Your Convenience and Peace of Mind

Do you have remote workers who need to access and save documents in a centralized location?

Can your business survive in the case of catastrophic and unexpected data loss?

Does your business need to transmit and store data according to industry or government regulations?

Whether you are looking for a comprehensive enterprise solution to back up all of your data offsite or you need a basic solution to hold copies of the information housed on remote workers’ devices, Data Magic Computer Services has you covered. We provide reliable cloud backup services to businesses throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth area, letting them use remote networks to complement their on-premise hardware setups.

Why Our Data Backup Solution Is Different

Using our cloud backup services is a simple and convenient way to duplicate copies of your digital documents stored at an offsite location. What’s more, our services are affordable and come with a range of benefits to enhance your data security and availability. Data Magic’s cloud data backup has:

Simple, affordable, and transparent pricing

Encrypted data transfer

Secure data storage offsite

Quick and easy deployment

Key Features of the Data Magic Cloud Backup Services

If your business relies heavily on technology for its operations, then you know just how important it is to keep your data secure. Our data backup service is an effective way to ensure you have a safe copy of your vital information at all times. Data Magic utilizes Datto cloud solutions, trusted technology from an industry leader in the secure backup and recovery space. This allows our team to spin up a virtual image onsite and offsite, depending on the severity of the disaster.

Secure Remote Accessibility

One of the benefits of backing up data in the cloud is the security of your files’ transmission and storage. Through cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, you access your files via a secure login procedure, and the system automatically backs up your files as you work on them remotely. What’s more, it takes away the burden of managing fixed hardware systems from your in-house administrators. The benefits of remote storage in the cloud include:



Workload reduction

Cost reduction


Business Continuity

Fires, natural disasters, floods, malicious attacks, damaged drives, or lost storage media could cause you to lose large amounts of sensitive or mission-critical data suddenly. Data Magic offers you a comprehensive cloud backup solution focusing on business continuity, with our offsite storage protecting you from an unexpected disaster that may jeopardize your business’s survival. With Data Magic, you can now enjoy:

Peace of mind knowing your data is safe

Easy but secure access to your offsite files whenever you need them

Rapid recovery to get your business back on its feet as quickly as possible

Protection from electronic interference that could erase data or corrupt disks


We help your business stay compliant with government or industry regulations, such as NIST for DoD contractors or HIPAA for businesses that operate in the healthcare technology field. All the major regulations have data backup and security as a key component, with stiff penalties for non-compliance. We provide you an affordable way to ensure you meet the requirements of these regulations and ensure that you have:

Reduced business risk

Uninterrupted operations

An edge when bidding for competitive contracts

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