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Cloud Infrastructure Services in Dallas (DFW)

Data Magic Computer Services provides cloud infrastructure hosting for organizations throughout Dallas and Fort Worth. Speak with a cloud expert today.

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We Offer Scalable Cloud Infrastructure Services Tailored Perfectly to Your Evolving Business Needs

Do you need help with your cloud migration project?

Are you looking to scale your IT infrastructure cost-effectively?

Do you want to eliminate the worries of losing crucial client information?

Businesses are increasingly switching to cloud services to keep their copious amounts of data securely organized. According to Flexera, 94% of enterprises use the cloud in their business operations. Cloud integration is ideal for any business that uses web-hosting, email, and virus protection solutions. With the cloud, your business can save considerably on up-front costs and staffing expenses.

Data Magic Computer Services offers customized Cloud Infrastructure Services solutions perfect for your business needs. Our expert technicians provide guidance on the best tech decisions and the right tools to steer your business successfully. We partner with your in-house tech team to create an efficient cloud computing environment and support ongoing operations.

Why Dallas Businesses Choose Data Magic?

Data Magic Computer Services offers highly skilled technicians who manage and maintain your cloud technology expertly. We provide customized cloud solutions ideal for apps and systems that need instant scalability and high availability. Our secure, enterprise-class solutions run on fully redundant architecture to support your production workloads. Count on us to help you plan resources for optimum utilization and scale with ease during peak seasons.

At Data Magic Computer Services, we provide top-notch technology solutions along with a dedicated team of cloud experts. Our cloud solutions can help your business enhance performance, reduce costs, and maintain compliance. Your authorized users will enjoy access to company data from any device and any location. With our solutions, your business can:

Maximize performance from customized cloud infrastructure

Simplify deployment with a scalable solution

Minimize security while maintaining regulatory compliance

Enhance flexibility with customized storage, network, and computing solutions

Our Cloud Infrastructure Services

The cloud experts at Data Magic help you leverage Cloud Infrastructure Services to lower your IT costs and enhance your bottom line. We store your data securely on our servers and offer reliable backup solutions to maintain consistent uptime. Partner with us to find:

Data Protection Services

We offer a comprehensive cloud computing model that hosts your business’s applications with unmatched virtualization. Our services let you handle system maintenance and backups with ease. Find incredible redundancies to restore servers and data instantly and lower your downtime considerably. Our technology helps to:

Minimize your investment, as we alleviate the need for buying physical servers

Enhance business automation with cutting-edge solutions

Increase reliability, while enhancing security

IT Network Monitoring

Our network monitoring solutions offer traffic analysis functionalities to detect unauthorized activity. In case of an alarm, we provide immediate support to resolve issues before they affect your business operations. We analyze server event logs to predict and prepare you for possible server failures. Our solutions also involve:

Monitoring scheduled virus scans on servers and devices

Hardware management to monitor the usage of your system resources

Security management to detect threats to your network integrity

Virtual Private Cloud Hosting

At Data Magic, we offer an efficient and structured virtual private cloud that makes services available to end-users without disruptions. Our simplified hybrid cloud deployment helps to improve your business’s scalability and security. Count on our managed approach to hosting services to maintain a smooth network and information flow. Leverage numerous benefits, including:

Efficient cloud migration

Easy integration

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