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Cloud Solutions That Empower Your Business

Most businesses need three main things. They need storage that can grow with them, systems that support their communications, and products that increase their productivity. Data Magic can do all of this and more. Through our Cloud Services, we offer Cloud Storage, Cloud Contact Center, and Cloud Video Conferencing and Collaboration.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage provides your business with freed up onsite storage, heightened level of security, and fast recovery in the face of a disaster. Does your current storage do all that?

Free up space- Using the cloud for storage means that you are freeing up space on your onsite computers and servers. This raises their performance while offering storage to items that need to be stored onsite instead of the cloud.
Security- Our cloud services provide your business with a heightened level of security with unlimited storage potential.
Recovery- Using the cloud services gives you consistent backups. That way, if any disaster did strike, we could have your data recovered and restored, and have you back up and running in no time.

Cloud Video Conferencing and Collaboration

Data Magic knows the importance of time and money for any business. Because of this, we focus on tools that have significant impacts on our clients. We offer the tools that can quickly improve your efficiency, expand your global reach, and enhance your content sharing during collaborations.

Efficiency- We save you time and money by offering you access to your collaborating teammates anywhere, anyplace, at any time.
Global Collaboration- Global Collaboration allows you to stream your virtual meetings anywhere, at any time, across any network, using any device.
Content Sharing- Through Video Conference and Collaboration you can share HD content quickly without having to leave the conference.


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