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7 Tips To Speed Up Computers That Start Running Slow

What Slows a Business Computer Down?

Honestly, there is no definitive answer, an IT Consultant can explain, over the phone, why yours or anyone else’s computer slows down. There are numerous causes, but quite frankly, it comes down to you and me using our devices daily.

Your personal computer or company desktops and tablets are merely prone to slowing down over time from daily use. Unlike a television, when you turn it off, it doesn’t have a way of saving anything to it. But when you shut down your computing device, something always gets left behind on the computer.

What Are The 7 Common Causes That Slow Down Your Computer?

Let’s assume, like the caller, your internet is working correctly. There are no issues. Where should you look first on your computer? Here are seven, common areas, that cause your computer to slow down:

  1. Too many programs running at once
  2. Numerous Internet browser tabs are open
  3. Your computer’s memory is tapped out
  4. Your hard drive is full and bloated
  5. Too many software updates straining your device
  6. Unnecessary applications automatically starting when computer boots up
  7. A computer virus has infected your device

1) Too Many Programs Running at Once

When you are running one program, the computer’s memory and processing speed get directed to that application. When leaving that software running, and then open several more to have them all running at the same time, both speed and memory are chopped up and their performance reduced and limited.

Speed Up Tip #1 – Shut down all apps or programs you are not actively using. Doing so increases computer memory and processing speed and lets your current software run faster.

2) Too Many Internet Browser Tabs Open

It’s easy to leave multiple internet browser tabs open, for easy reference. Those that auto-refresh or continue to download and rotate advertisements, slow down the computer. Also, Internet-connected music apps do store a large cache of data that will slow your hardware down.

Speed Up Tip #2 – Only have one browser window open at a time. If you need to open multiple tabs, for reference, use the Bookmark option in your web browser to create a folder to save those tab links. Once you’ve used or read through the page, then close it.

3 & 4) Your Computer’s Memory is Tapped Out, or The Hard Drive is Full and Bloated

These two issues go hand-in-hand. What affects one, affects the other simultaneously. The four culprits taking up the hard drive and memory space, while reducing efficiency and productivity are:

  • Application Updates
  • Internet Downloads
  • Programs
  • Temporary Files

Speed Up Tip #3 & 4 – Start with your computer’s Trash Bin. Empty it. Then move to your Temporary File Folder and delete unnecessary files. Any large files should move to the Cloud for storage. If this is an area, you’re not comfortable doing, then contacting an IT Company like Data Magic Computer Services, will come out and step you through the process.

5) Too Many Software Updates Straining Your Device

What unsuspecting computers users don’t know, but most applications and programs are preprogrammed to activate updates automatically, once installed. The issue here is that automatic updates take away valuable hard drive space and put your company’s security at risk. When auto-installers are turned on, they interfere with normal functions.

Speed Up Tip #5 – Consider an IT company’s proactive monitoring and maintenance solution. IT technicians keep your computers running 24×7, and they would distribute all updates and patches for you. Any software upgrades are performed during off-hours when employees are not at work.

6) Unnecessary Applications Automatically Starting When Computer Boots Up

Just like some applications that come with automatic updates, many are preprogrammed, to load automatically, upon computer’s startup. That drains your computer’s processing speed, and the program may be running, without you knowing, in the background, throughout the day.

Speed Up Tip #6 – Some programs, in their settings, you can change the setting to not load on startup or reboot. However, some applications require editing your computer’s startup log. It is an advanced procedure, and we recommend only having an IT expert attempt this procedure.

7) A Computer Virus Has Infected Your Device

It’s going to happen. All computers, at one time or another, get infected by a computer virus and slow it down. In the IT industry, they have a saying, “It’s not if, but when.” When your business computers are exposed and get infected, you may not know it. Some viruses run in the background without being detected. Those intrusions are collecting any information not encrypted on your computer. Should you have financial information, sensitive healthcare data, passwords, and usernames not secured on that device, those files will disappear.

Speed Up Tip #7 – Never trust free anti-virus or anti-spam results. They only provide one thin layer of security. That minimal protection will not prevent cybercriminals from stealing your data or any client and employee sensitive information. Only IT Cybersecurity specialists, like Data Magic, can show you how to avoid breaches, ransomware attacks, malware, and any other form of cybercrime.

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