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Data Magic Delivers Small Business-Focused IT Expertise For This Home Furnishing Business

Data Magic Delivers Small Business-Focused IT Expertise For This Home Furnishing Business

Culp Associates is a small business in the home furnishings industry, operating a to-the-trade showroom, with offices in Dallas and Houston. Their 30 employees work with interior designers, architects and retail home furnishing companies, acting as an agent on behalf of 30 different manufacturers for textiles, fixtures, and accessories.

As a small business, Culp Associates prefers to work with other small businesses, especially when it comes to their IT support. They pride themselves on the personal and attentive service they deliver to their clients, and expect the same from their IT support provider — that’s why they work with data Magic.

“We were not happy with the former company we were with, they were not as active as we felt we needed to be,” says Cammie Marrs, President, Culp Associates. “We’re a small company, and when it comes to IT, we don’t want to deal with a big corporate entity, we like small companies like ourselves that understand the mind of a small business. That’s what I really like about Data Magic, I’m on a first-name basis with many of their guys.”

Data Magic Keeps Culp Associates Secure

Before working with Data Magic, Culp Associates had ongoing problems with their previous IT company. They weren’t always available when needed, and, even worse, Culp Associates experienced a number of data breaches while they were in charge of their IT.

“There were some security breaches that happened on their watch that we weren’t very happy with,” says Cammie.

By switching to Data Magic, Culp Associates gained access to a range of vital cybersecurity technologies and best practices. Data Magic protects Culp Associates by managing firewall, antivirus and other cybersecurity technology, as well as by training their staff to spot cybercrime scams.

“We get a lot of incoming emails, and so many of those things are dangerous and Data Magic has been great in helping educate me so I can educate our staff. I feel very confident in the way they guide me,” says Cammie. “It’s nice to have that guidance with something that I’m not an expert on. With Data Magic we have so much more security all around.”

Outside of cybersecurity, Cammie’s top priority for Culp Associate’s IT support is availability. They can’t afford to wait for their IT support to call them back when they have a problem — they need help right away.

“Some of these bigger firms can be hard to get a hold or, or they can be nonresponsive, so when we have an issue, it can put us out of business,” says Cammie. “To have our IT company be available when we need them is very important, and that’s what we get with Data Magic.

Data Magic Helped Culp Associates Transition To Remote Work

IT resources have never been as important as they are now during the COVID-19 pandemic. In order for organizations to stay connected and productive while working remotely, they need the right technologies and processes in place.

Unfortunately, due to how quickly the pandemic developed, many businesses were unable to prepare for the shift to a remote work setting. Doing so would have required careful planning, methodical execution of new processes, and expert implementation of new technologies. Fortunately, Culp Associates had Data Magic on their side, and were able to plan to ahead for their switch to remote work.

“One thing that was important to us was that when we need someone, we need that availability, and I’ve learned that more than ever during this pandemic,” says Cammie. “When Texas was on lockdown, when we made that transition to having staff work at home, it was very streamlined. Data Magic was fantastic, they always got back to me immediately, and we had anything we needed resolved very quickly.”

When they first heard that the pandemic could shut down public spaces, Culp Associates worked with Data Magic to make sure their staff could work from home when needed. This began with work in their offices to ensure that vital work data was accessible through the cloud.

“As the pandemic began, I worked with Data Magic to make sure we got everything ready to go from a remote standpoint,” says Cammie. “So, they came in and spent a few days going through each employee’s machine in the office to make sure that the proper channels were set for them to work remotely.”

Next, the Data Magic team worked with their employees on configuring their work-from-home setup, so that they could securely and effectively do their work once the lockdown was in place.

“Outside of business hours, Data Magic contacted our employees to make sure that whatever they were working on had all the proper software,” says Cammie. “It was a smooth transition, and when I had to pull the trigger and lock the showroom down, we were ready to go.”

With Data Magic’s support, Culp Associates are confident in their security and productivity — whenever an issue occurs, all they have to do is call Data Magic to get immediate help.

“I know if I ever have an issue, I can pick up the phone and talk to Data Magic and they would take care of it.”
Cammie Marrs, President, Culp Associates

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