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Data Magic Computer Services provides IT services and IT support for organizations throughout Dallas and Fort Worth. Speak with our IT experts.

We Provide Unique And Reliable IT Support Services for Small and Medium Enterprises

  • Are you spending a lot of time worrying about your business technology?
  • Do you want to leverage technology to stay afloat and maintain a competitive advantage?
  • Are you looking for reliable and budget-friendly IT support?

Businesses must take advantage of information technology to maintain a competitive edge. Coupled with the largely prohibitive cost of setting up and maintaining an effective and secure IT department, ensuring business continuity and preserving your margin is now more challenging than ever. Our comprehensive IT solutions and support at Data Magic help strengthen your business by delivering critical IT services at an affordable rate to compete at the highest level. Our Dallas/Fort Worth IT Services will help you achieve the fastest return on your investment in technology, compete at the highest level and ensure business growth.

IT Services in  Dallas and Fort Worth
 IT Services in Dallas and Fort Worth

Why We Are the Best Dallas/Fort Worth IT Services Firm

Business sustainability and competitive edge all boil down to the effectiveness of the technology you are using. Data Magic is your ideal IT services and support partner that handles installation, staff training, support, and network security. Our services ensure:

  • A safe and secure work environment
  • Improved workflows and productivity
  • Troubleshooting and resolution

Our Dallas/Fort Worth IT Services

Our commitment at Data Magic is to help your business be a trusted brand and reach its full potential without breaking the bank. Toward that goal, we provide the following services:

Network Security

Network Security

From desktop to the server, Data Magic brings the best options for network security and support. We customize network IT support to your business needs with the primary goal of securing your network and data. We have the latest threat detection and network security tools to keep your business network secure without compromising speed. Our highly trained and professional experts, with years of experience, stand ready to protect and maintain the integrity of your network using cutting edge technology tools. We perform diagnostics and preventative maintenance for all our clients.

  • Network IT support customized to your business needs
  • Easy-to-follow security protocols
  • Use the latest tech and tools in cybersecurity
Around-the-Clock Support

Around-the-Clock Support

Recent research shows that most businesses have poor cybersecurity practices, and, as such, cybercriminals can breach and access the data at any time of the day. This reality can be quite unsettling for the management and ill-equipped staff. Apart from setting up various top-notch network security tools, we provide around-the-clock IT support and network monitoring to sniff out and prevent possible cyberattacks.

  • Around-the-clock SOC (Security Operations Center) monitoring and help desk
  • Diagnostics and regular preventative measures
  • Allows your staff to focus on other important matters
Training Your Team

Training Your Team

Our commitment to your success and vast industry experience makes us your ideal IT services and support partner. We equip your staff with the essential knowledge and skills to leverage technology while minimizing possible threats. Even before you become a client, we have put together an informative webinar series that will help jump-start your staff knowledge. Our expertise and ongoing support give your team the confidence they need to focus on other vital projects.

  • Best practices to enhance your business security
  • Create and maintain a competitive edge
  • Detect and avert possible cyber attacks

Switch to the Most Reliable Dallas/Fort Worth IT Services

As one of the most trusted and reliable Dallas/Fort Worth IT Services firms, Data Magic has the expertise and innovative tools that will help you leverage technology for sustainability and better margin. Our support and commitment to your success will help you create and maintain a competitive edge in your industry. If you are looking for the best IT services in Dallas, contact us today at helpme@datamagicinc.com or call (469) 213-6508.