Dark Web Scanning

Data Magic Computer Services provides dark web scanning for Dallas organizations. Schedule a dark web scan from Data Magic now.

Data Magic Scans the Dark Web to Keep Your Business Protected From Hackers

  • Do you know that there are millions of hidden web pages that you will not find on Google?
  • Do you know that your confidential business information could be for sale on the hidden web?
  • Do you need to protect your business from hackers on the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is a sub-section of the “Deep Web” – a layer of the internet invisible to conventional search engines. Because of its anonymity, many websites that reside on the Dark Web are conduits for criminal activity, including the sale of passwords, credit cards, customer records, and account numbers of businesses and individuals. According to an ISACA briefing, these are serious crimes that could jeopardize your customers, vendors, and partners and could require significant resources to repair. Data Magic offers Dark Web scanning to help you protect your business.

Dark Web Scan In Dallas
Dark Web Services In Dallas

How Does Dark Web Scanning Protect your Business?

The Dark Web illegally stores and sells data about millions of companies and individuals obtained through exposed databases, phishing scams, and various other vulnerabilities. Visitors to the Dark Web can buy and sell everything from databases containing stolen passwords and credit card numbers to malware that is simple enough for even rookie cybercriminals to use. A University of Surrey study conducted by Dr. Michael McGuires and titled Into the Web of Profit established that between 2016 and 2019, the number of illegal Dark Web listings with information that could harm businesses rose by 20%. We can help your business avoid falling victim to cybercrime through Dark Web scanning. We provide:

  • Sophisticated credential monitoring capabilities
  • Connection to Dark Web services to identify compromised information
  • Proactive protection from cyber threats

Data Magic Dark Web Scanning Services

Data Magic offers continuous searching, monitoring, and reporting of your digital credentials on the hidden web that Google and other search engines cannot see. We help you to identify your vulnerabilities and stop identity theft, data breaches, and criminal activity in the following ways:



Although the Dark Web is a relatively small part of the internet, it is large enough to make it impossible for your in-house IT team to constantly monitor all of the traffic and activity taking place there. Some of the items we monitor as part of our Dark Web scanning service are:

  • Private sites
  • Hidden chat rooms
  • Peer-to-peer networks
  • Social media platforms
  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels
  • Black market websites


We collect a lot of data when we conduct Dark Web scans. However, the data is only useful if we compile it into information that you can use to increase your company’s security. We provide reports related to:

  • Identifying suspicious internet traffic into and out of your network
  • Reporting on traps (honeypots) we set up to catch possible hacking attempts
  • Reporting on confirmed intrusion and phishing attempts and recommend solutions


While our Dark Web scanning solution goes a long way toward securing your enterprise from the shady actors on the web, we understand that prevention is the strongest form of protection. We cover all possible sources of vulnerability, both technological and human, and help you create a culture of awareness of the Dark Web dangers. In particular, our experts carry out the following as part of the prevention measures:

  • Protecting possible cyber threat vectors through firewalls
  • Training your staff to improve their cyber-hygiene
  • Strengthening your digital defenses, including anti-malware and email filtering systems

Get the Most Comprehensive Dark Web Scanning and Cyber Defenses

You need to have the Dark Web’s implications in mind as part of your business’s defense posture. Data Magic’s Dark Web scanning services ensure that you keep your confidential customer, data, and business information off this shady part of the internet. Contact us today and let us help you establish if you have compromised data and how to avoid jeopardizing your operations.