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Email Service Provider in Dallas (DFW)

Data Magic Computer Services provides email solutions for organizations throughout Dallas and Fort Worth. Speak with a cloud expert today.

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Email Service Provider Providing Innovative Managed Email Solutions that Guarantee Convenient Communication

Are you looking for a low-cost email hosting solution?

Worried about the security of your emails and shared documents?

Keen on boosting your collaboration efforts?

Running a successful business without email correspondence is unheard of in today’s tech-savvy business world. With modern technology, your team can remain in touch around the clock regardless of their location. Unreliable email services, however, expose you to phishing attacks and spam messages.

Partnering with Data Magic provides access to secure email services from industry leaders Microsoft 365 or Google’s Workspace (most recently called G Suite) that are complete with malware and anti-spam filtering. Our innovative approach to implementing your email solutions will help boost your team’s productivity. The ability to communicate effectively enables you to improve service delivery, leading to increased ROI. Data Magic Computer Services provides collaboration solutions that let you share with ease.

Email Service Provider Benefits of Our Reliable Email Solutions

Digital communication is the language of business, and there are two primary cloud-based solutions that are trusted around the world: Microsoft 365 and Google’s Workspace. Our customizable and scalable email solutions are ideal for your current and future business needs. You can easily secure important email correspondence with our automated email backup and recovery solutions. Our expert team also provides access to intuitive attachment scanning and spam filtering to secure your company’s communication.

Email Service Provider Data Magic provides cloud-hosted solutions that are compliant with the strictest email security standards. Let us monitor and update filtering preferences, ensuring that you can focus on improving service delivery. We offer 24/7 support to help resolve issues before they impact your business negatively. We understand the essential role of email communication in the modern business world and provide secure and efficient solutions to maintain seamless communication.

Leverage core benefits, including:

Custom mailboxes that offer a professional experience and appearance

Access to easy-to-use migration tools

Three-layer scanning from premium anti-spam and anti-malware solutions

Hosted Skype for business to provide instant message connection

ActiveSync compatibility on multiple devices

Our Email Solutions

Email Service Provider  Data Magic’s expert team works around the clock to improve your operations and ensure that your team is getting the maximum value from your IT infrastructure.

Secure Your Data And Devices

Our expert technicians set up comprehensive security options such as multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to client information. We also let you archive email messages and provide simple retrieving opportunities. Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace both allow administrators to configure security settings from our centralized administration console to match your needs. In case of any security threats, we provide:

24/7 remote support

Proactive monitoring to resolve issues quickly

Access to experienced technicians conversant with emerging cybersecurity attacks

Leverage Cloud Resources

With secure access from your desktop or phone, you can store all your files in a single location. You can save all file updates automatically then keep them in Drive so collaborators have access to the latest version in real-time. Effortlessly work on a single document with your team and collaborate in real-time. Multiple people can work simultaneously, and you’ll see edits as others type. Our solutions:

Improve worker productivity

Foster efficient collaboration with colleagues

Simplify Your Email Services

We provide enterprise-class email services without the complexity of other systems. Businesses looking for a cohesive approach to communications will find instant messaging with group chat, shared calendars and contact management at competitive prices. Our trusted and reliable cloud-based solutions ensure that you never lose an email, contact or calendar invite. Our solutions include:

Fully featured webmail client

Offsite backup

Customized client domains

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