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Dallas Law Office Reaches Out To Data Magic For Fortinet Support

Keeping data and applications safe is important for any business, but especially for law firms. Law practices have an ethical and legal obligation to keep client files safe, secure and protected. To do so requires advanced security measures designed to keep cybercriminals from accessing, stealing and using personal information.

Law firms that fail to protect client data face disaster, with the loss of clients, reputations and revenues. They may also face legal exposure and costly litigation.

Recently a small law firm contacted Data Magic Computer Services. The law firm was looking for a Dallas-area managed service provider to install and manage Fortinet, a leading firewall product line designed to protect networks, systems and users. The firm, with about 20 employees, wanted to make sure it had the right security protocols in place and could have those measures installed as soon as possible.

Of particular concern to the company was the risk of ransomware attacks on any of its 20 computers. Keeping those threats at bay is a critical issue for many small businesses today.

What Is Fortinet?

Fortinet is a company that offers comprehensive security solutions. Their products provide wireless network security, infrastructure protection, application security, access management, cloud security, threat detection and prevention, email security, endpoint security and analytics.

Fortinet is best known for its next-generation firewall products, designed to keep wireless networks secure. These firewall products also include monitoring services designed to detect and alert administrators of problems or suspicious activity.

What Is Fortinet Support?

Like many technology companies, Fortinet relies on a network of local companies to deploy, configure, monitor and manage its products. Data Magic Computer Services partners with Fortinet to provide top-of-the-line security solutions to our clients. We are there not only for the installation of your Fortinet solution but also to provide ongoing Fortinet support for your business.

What Is a Managed Firewall?

Fortinet is a type of protection called a firewall. These services are designed as the first line of defense against cyberattackers. Firewalls are a part of your computer system or network that blocks unauthorized access while allowing outward communication. Firewalls can also prevent employees from accessing inappropriate or dangerous websites that threaten security and productivity.

Firewalls also provide valuable insights into the type of people, good or bad, who are targeting your business.

Monitoring your network and system is a time-intensive, resource-intensive task, and one that most companies are unlikely to invest in internal resources to cover. That's where managed firewall support services come in.

Managed firewalls are provided by trained managed IT services professionals. These services provide for continual monitoring and threat detection, containment and reporting. Managed firewall experts know what typical network traffic looks like and can detect suspicious activity quickly before significant damage can occur. They can also analyze and interpret activity reports to give your business leaders valuable and actionable insights.

What Are the Advantages of Fortinet and Fortinet Support Services?

When you decide to install Fortinet and count on Data Magic for Fortinet support, you gain considerable advantages for your company. The core benefits of a Fortinet solution and Fortinet support services are:

  • Continuous Protection. With Fortinet, your business systems and network are monitored constantly keeping access controlled and data secured.
  • Access Control. Managed firewalls keep unwanted visitors away. Unauthorized visitors are turned away and flagged to prevent future attempts.
  • Compliance. For businesses subject to regulatory compliance matters, Fortinet offers complete safeguards to meet your regulatory obligations. Data from managed firewalls can provide helpful documentation for regulators and Fortinet offers a range of products to meet various regulatory mandates.
  • Complete Security. Your managed firewall solution delivers iron-clad security protection for your network perimeter.
  • Threat Management. A managed and monitored firewall helps keep both external and internal threats neutralized. Detection and identification allow your business to take action against these threats to limit future risk.
  • Improved Availability. A next-generation firewall does more than secure your systems. By blocking traffic that is unwanted, firewalls allow for better network connectivity, speed and performance by authorized users.
  • Application Control. Your Fortinet firewall can be configured to block or rate-limit applications or features from being used on corporate networks via any internet-connected device, improving employee focus and productivity,
  • Content Filtering. Block access to websites that threaten employee productivity, are inappropriate for the workplace or known to be a security threat. Use a threat database to track these websites and categorize them based on your defined content parameters.

Do I Need Other Types of Security for My Business?

Firewalls are an important part of a comprehensive business security strategy. In addition to firewalls, Data Magic provides an array of services to keep your business safe, including:

  • Security assessments that identify vulnerabilities in your technology and recommend solutions.
  • Anti-virus software that prevents viruses, Trojans, worms and other nasty programs from infecting your computers.
  • Anti-phishing solutions that detect suspect emails that are often a ruse looking to gain access or seek gift cards or other monies.
  • Anti-spam filters to keep unwanted emails from clogging employee inboxes, resulting in lowered productivity and distraction.
  • Cloud computing strategies to store your data, applications and operating systems. Data backups of that information are done on set schedules to allow you access to needed information without the risk of significant data loss.
  • Deep web scanning that looks not just at the seedy "dark web" areas, but other areas of the internet that are inaccessible by browsers. Not all of the deep web is bad though the dark web, a portion of the deep web, is where cybercriminals sell stolen personal and financial data. Deep web scanning is focused and broader in scope than dark web monitoring and helps protect reputations, proprietary information and employees.
  • Multifactor authentication that allows for the use of known information (such as a password) and unknown information (such as a randomly generated passcode) that allow for more secure access to sites and applications.

Data Magic Computer Services provides an array of security services, including Fortinet installation, monitoring and Fortinet support. Our security services complement our complete IT solutions, including cloud solutions, managed IT (including software and hardware management and help-desk services), IT consulting, computer repair and software and database development.

To learn more about how Data Magic Computer Services can provide Fortinet support, security services and other technical solutions, https://datamagicinc.com/contact-us/contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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