Are Layoffs In Dallas Leaving Your IT Director Overworked?

For many organizations in Dallas, it’s time to focus on staying afloat - meaning layoffs are imminent. How can IT directors manage heavier workloads with less staff available to them?

Is Your Dallas IT Director Overworked Due To Layoffs?

It’s no secret: the coronavirus pandemic has brought about many changes to the way we live, work, and connect. Many organizations were required to shut down in response to social distancing requirements, or if possible, embrace remote work to continue operations safely.

Naturally, returning to some sense of normalcy means struggling to stay afloat for many organizations. In turn, layoffs are often done as a way to cut costs in an economic downturn.

But what happens when layoffs take place throughout the technology department?

Unfortunately, many organizations decide to get rid of some, if not all, of their technology department as a way to minimize expenses and remain afloat – leaving the IT director to handle the ongoing management of information technology systems on their own. This is a decision made alongside many others:

  • Reprioritizing current and planned projects
  • Implementing hiring freezes
  • Focusing on collecting outstanding payments

Ultimately, it’s a tough decision for many organizations, and if possible, it’s always best to look for other ways to stay afloat before laying off staff members. For instance, organizations can cut costs by transitioning some or all of their staff to remote work in situations wherein this is an option. This reduces costs through:

  • Switching on-premises technology to cloud-based technology – meaning there’s no upfront costs, expensive upgrades, and costly troubleshooting fees to worry about. Instead, you pay a monthly fee for what you use, and everything is managed for you.
  • Eliminating the need for a large office space – meaning you’re able to either downsize or get rid of that space altogether. This frees up cash flow because you no longer need to worry about a large mortgage, heating and cooling costs, and upkeep.

If this isn’t possible and cutting costs through layoffs is necessary, what can IT directors do to manage their workload?

Managing A Heavier Workload With Less Staff Can Quickly Become Overwhelming

First and foremost, information technology shouldn’t be overlooked during this difficult time. After all, information technology has likely played an integral role throughout the pandemic – allowing organizations to embrace remote work through:

  • The ability to access important files, applications, and systems from home with remote access solutions
  • The ability to collaborate face-to-face on a virtual level via video conferencing solutions and VoIP business phones
  • The ability to maintain security against threats on home computers with enterprise-grade security solutions and virtual private networks

We understand the need to cut costs, but IT directors will be left with an overwhelming workload in the aftermath of technology personnel layoffs. They’ll be focused on stabilizing the business and preparing for greater resiliency from a technology perspective – a huge task for any single person to take on.

Are You an IT Director in Need of Assistance in the Aftermath of Technology Personnel Layoffs?

Data Magic Computer Solutions can assist you with stabilizing the business in a post-coronavirus world, as well as preparing for greater resiliency, so you’re ready to face any sort of disruption in the future. We’ll augment your efforts – working alongside you to manage your workload. Our team can help you with:

  • Handling the day-to-day, routine tasks like maintenance, monitoring, data backups, and other time-consuming work so you can focus on more strategic initiatives
  • Handling the strategic initiatives like embracing the cloud for remote work or ensuring business intelligence with real-time access to data while you handle day-to-day tasks

You can keep managing the areas you excel at and have time for while we offload the rest – giving you the ability to handle the heavier workload that comes along with technology personnel layoffs. Our team is available at a flat-rate monthly fee that gives you all of the support and services you need, as well as:

  • Access to the skill-sets and expertise of an entire team of technology professionals.
  • Access to discounted rates on tools and technologies due to our range of partnerships.
  • Access to greater availability in the event you need assistance after-hours.

For more information on how Data Magic can best serve you, click here to get in touch with our representatives or call us at (469) 635-5500.

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