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Managed Cloud Services in Dallas (DFW)

Data Magic Computer Services provides managed cloud collaboration services for organizations throughout Dallas and Fort Worth. Speak with a cloud expert today.

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Boost Productivity With Our Innovative Managed Cloud Services

Do you want to keep your staff connected while on the go?

Looking for efficient cloud collaboration solutions to maintain your business’s peak performance?

Are you keen on streamlining your communication processes?

Every business in Dallas needs the right tools to keep up with the constantly evolving technology landscape – and with a fixed cost that doesn’t vary.

Cloud computing solutions provide a unified system for you to share, edit, and publish documents with your employees. The recently released Cloud Collaboration Market report predicted that the market would reach a value of $66.92 billion by 2026, underlying this technology’s value.

Data Magic Computer Services offers cloud collaboration solutions that can help you gain a competitive advantage. Partnering with us ensures that you can quickly leverage the cloud’s scalability, agility, and reliability. We offer the latest in team collaboration and video conferencing technology to keep your team connected.

How Can Your Business Benefit From Our Managed Cloud Services?

Data Magic provides diverse applications and hardware solutions that fit your business needs to foster efficient communication among your team members and clients. Our app-centric cloud-based platform helps you work efficiently, regardless of your location. Simplify meetings and boost collaboration efforts with our dynamic workspaces.

Features and benefits of Data Magic’s Managed Cloud Services include:

Fixed costs that do not vary: There are no inconsistent bills or hidden fees here. You will always know exactly what your monthly bill will be.

Efficient and individualized cloud solutions: Big CSPs may miss the details: We do not.

Hosted operating systems, settings, applications, and files: We host your files and systems – this means you can log into any internet-connected computer and effortlessly access and utilize your documents in the same way you would with your personal computer.

Full and accessible cloud backup: We make sure that your mission-critical customer data and systems have complete backups that are fully accessible to you. This allows your organization to have an actionable plan for recovery in the event of a disaster.

Mobile file syncing and sharing: We boost your productivity with our mobile file syncing and sharing capabilities from a file storage solution that you can access from anywhere. Your data is stored in a single tamper-proof online repository within secure and private multi-tenant data centers; meaning security is a given when you partner with us.

Interactive whiteboards: Whether you’re running hands-on training or collaborating on a task in a boardroom, our interactive whiteboards have got you covered.

99.94% cloud uptime status: improve your organization’s productivity with dependable cloud-based services that stay up and running.

Data Magic allows you to add value to your organization with our unique solutions, which make collaboration easier. We’ll work closely with your in-house team to find customized solutions ideal for your specific business needs.

With our Managed Cloud Services, you can bring your vision to life. Count on us to help you keep up with the latest cloud technology. Our expert team hosts these cloud services, relieving you of the burden of management, maintenance, and equipment acquisition. Our cloud collaboration services ensure that your business can:

Enhance communication

Increase marketing abilities

Improve your everyday business processes

DFW Managed Cloud Services

Whether you’re looking to expand your marketing strategy, boost business efficiency, or leverage your technology investments, Data Magic offers the ideal solutions to match your needs. Our dynamic Managed Cloud Services include:

SharePoint Consulting Services

Our expert team can help analyze and define your specific business requirements. We can then implement customized solutions that leverage SharePoint technology to maximize your investments. With industry best-practices, we take care of your collaboration needs, allowing you to focus on your company’s core business.

Our services are:

Cost-effective to improve your bottom line

Tailor-made to suit your business needs perfectly

Scalable to grow your capabilities in line with your business

Installation and Customization Solutions

We use QuickStart services to deploy an efficient SharePoint solution. Let us work with you to configure specialized features that meet your industry needs. Our experienced team can create rich, engaging experiences that improve adoption. We’ll customize themes and templates, then help you administer controls for personalization.

We specialize in:

Creating custom solutions that integrate with SharePoint platforms

Developing custom web parts

Delivering reports and business intelligence

Workflow Solutions

With standardized business processes, our team can create dynamic workflows and enterprise collaboration solutions. We use Microsoft InfoPath forms to capture your data and then create an automated workflow on Microsoft SharePoint Designer. Our cloud experts will also help you design methods that store and retrieve content efficiently.

Your business can leverage dynamic solutions that help to:

Provide intuitive access to company information

Improve profitability

Enhance effective organization

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