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Top Tech Trends In Manufacturing IT In 2020

Are you ready for the true IoT revolution and the need for rapid consolidation of systems? Buckle up for a wild ride in manufacturing IT for 2020 and beyond.  

There are critical transformations on the horizon for 2020. and it couldn’t be a more exciting time for those in the manufacturing IT sector! Manufacturing is a world of near-continuous evolution, where a simple shift could mean the difference between wildfire success . . . and losing a significant amount of ground to emerging competitors. From connecting (and protecting!) industrial wearables to creating a single global model for delivery, here are some of the Top Trends that you can expect to see in manufacturing IT in 2020 — and beyond.

Globalization of Manufacturing IT

The days when you could have multiple systems managing various regions of your business are fading quickly, with centralization and globalization the catchphrases you should expect to see as we start the next decade. This unified infrastructure is crucial to securely manage quick access to customer data, project status and shipment information.

Increased IT Outsourcing for Small to Mid-Size Businesses

The complexity levels are astounding, making it extremely difficult for internal technology teams to keep pace with the rate of change necessary to stay competitive. This — along with shrinking infrastructure budgets and the need for enhanced security — is causing manufacturing IT teams to look for new ways to co-manage or outsource their basic technology management and help desk functions.

Industrial Wearables Grow to a $1.5 Billion Industry

What if your front-line supervisors had immediate access via their smartglasses of which lines are slowing down so they can help push through bottlenecks in real-time? Smart devices that provide workers with immediate access to critical data points provide valuable insight and even training to the next generation of manufacturing personnel, and the $1.5 billion estimate for manufacturing wearables is expected to be conservative. This also means that manufacturing IT departments will be tasked with both deploying and securing these devices.

The Rise of Robotics and the Exoskeleton

While exoskeletons are not quite yet ready to turn your production line workers into Iron Man, robotics and exoskeletons are moving forward at a dramatic pace. While they may still be a few years in the future. 2020 is the time to start thinking about how to implement this “Coming Soon” tech to your manufacturing and distribution workflows. With the introduction of these new connected devices, you are also creating a host of new technology challenges in terms of integrations with current platforms, security, connectivity and more.

Which of these top tech trends will your business invest in for 2020? Let the wizards at Data Magic Computer Services help you craft a strategy that puts your manufacturing IT to work for your business. Contact us at (469) 635-5500 for more information or request your free initial consultation via email to {email}. We do our best to stay ahead of the coming trends, so we can help guide our clients through the ever-changing technology landscape. Each engagement is very personal for us, and we always enjoy the opportunity to help your company grow and evolve.

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