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Is Your Construction Company Keeping Up With Today’s Mobile Technologies?

6 Ways Mobile Computing Help You Gain A Competitive Edge

The construction industry is very competitive in Texas, and it's continually evolving. To succeed requires a serious degree of coordination of people, resources and equipment in the field. Your employees must work on laptops, smartphones, and tablet computers to accomplish their tasks and stay connected. The right mobile solutions can save your construction company money, time, and your good reputation.

Mobile devices are increasingly being used in construction site work. Project managers must keep track of their teams, subcontractors, vendors, schedules, equipment, building codes and more. In days past, this was all done by shuffling papers back and forth from the site to the office. With mobile computing, this paperwork nightmare is over.

Now with mobile devices, applications and cloud services, projects can be completed on time, productivity is increased, and collaboration enhanced. Plus, when you're in the field, you can now access the same cloud solutions you use in the office.

Here are 6 ways mobile computing can give you the competitive edge you need:

1. Increase Your Teams' Productivity & Reduce Costs

Using mobile apps helps project managers increase their teams' efficiency. From accountability and scheduling to authorizations in real-time, project deadlines can now be completed on time, and even earlier than required due to increased productivity and efficient coordination.

Project teams' travel times, GPS locations and time spent on job sites can all be consistently monitored with mobile applications. Mobile timesheets that record clock-in/clock-out times to the minute improve accountability and can reduce your labor costs. Costs can also be cut when construction teams document their work progress with smartphone photos for better transparency to management.

2. Prevent Project Delays

Real-time tracking and data collection help reduce delays and provide greater awareness of project goals. With mobile computing project managers can sync their operations, so materials are delivered on time, and contractors show up when they should.

Mobile applications replace manual, time-consuming and cumbersome paper-based data entries. Managers can file electronic versions of work orders, clarify building plans, ensure building code compliance, and more. This reduces the need for re-work that can create project delays.

3. Efficient Equipment Scheduling

Equipment scheduling can directly affect the success or failure of a project. With mobile solutions, it's easier to track and manage equipment use. Managers can log equipment hours and keep track of where it is to improve planning and usage.

If a manager is overseeing two job sites, he can readily move equipment from one site to the other, receive an electronic proof of delivery, and monitor both jobs at once. He'll know what equipment is present on a job, where it needs to go next, and work together with the main office to stay on track with equipment scheduling.

4. Ensure Regulatory Compliance For Safety

The injury rate for the construction industry is higher than others. With mobile platforms, project managers can ensure their workers have completed required job-training sessions to improve safety and ensure regulatory compliance. Mobile solutions also facilitate the immediate reporting of safety hazards or injuries, further supporting regulatory compliance.

5. Improve Communications

You can tighten all communication gaps with mobile solutions. Teams can complete their daily reports, send and receive emails and alerts, and access the same information to collaborate in real time. Even off-site employees can stay apprised of decisions, activities and progress.

No more waiting to get back to the office for updates. Your workers will benefit from immediate answers to difficult questions and get rapid access to the information they need to make accurate on-the-job decisions.

When all parties involved in a project have immediate and ready access to the same information, everyone stays on the same page, errors are reduced, and issues can be addressed much faster.

6. Mobile Accounting

With mobile solutions managers can handle some of the day-to-day accounting tasks that could once only be accomplished in the office. Integrated GPS-tracking enables accountants as well as supervisors the ability to identify employees by location and job site activities.

Mobile timecards provide better visibility, reliable recording, and confirmed auditing of job costs and related work hours. It reduces errors and eliminates miscommunications.

Email purchase orders and invoices right from the field office. Collect timesheets, track payments and even accept online payments directly into your company's bank account.

Integrating mobile apps into every step of a project improves accuracy, enhances workforce accountability and provides hard metrics upon completion of each job.

Want To Keep Up With What's Coming Next In Mobile Technology For The Construction Industry?

Here are 2 new "futuristic" mobile applications to check out Trimble SiteVision and Microsoft HoloLens.

  • Trimble SiteVision delivers augmented reality in the field. It provides a highly accurate overlay of digital data on outdoor scenes that can be used in construction, visualizing subsurface utilities, earth-moving work, and architectural visualization.
  • Microsoft HoloLens is an augmented-reality headset with “hard-hat” safety features. It allows hands-free access to blueprints, remote support in the field, 3-D modeling superimposed on a site, measurements and 3-D scanning, employee training, inspections, and post-maintenance activities.

"This isn't your father's construction company." Mobile computing in construction is setting new standards and creating efficiencies your father never dreamed of. For construction and project managers, using mobile delivery apps makes their lives easier from the beginning of a project to job completion, and it will give your construction company an edge over the competition.

Want to learn more about mobile computing and how it will benefit your business? Just contact the team at Data Magic in Coppell, Texas, and we'll be happy to tell you more.

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