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Network Security Services in Dallas (DFW)

Data Magic Computer Services provides network security services for Dallas organizations. Schedule a consultation from Data Magic now.

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We Help You Boost Your Company’s Network Security and Prevent Cyberattacks

Do you have remote workers accessing your network with personal devices?

Do you need to prevent the abuse of user privileges by your team?

Do you want to identify and patch security vulnerabilities on your corporate network?

If your business relies on technology for productivity, convenience and customer service delivery, your network is one of your most important assets. However, if it is compromised, the effects can be severe and could even threaten your organization’s existence. The statistics make for scary reading, with a Cybint report stating that there is a successful cyber-attack every 39 seconds in the US. Data Magic Computer Solutions provides network security services in Dallas to ensure that you do not fall victim to an intrusion into your network.

Why You Should Take Your Network Security Seriously

Your company could be suffering from multiple network security issues and vulnerabilities without you realizing it. Even worse, if the problems remain unresolved, they could open the door for attackers to breach your IT infrastructure and successfully steal your sensitive data. Among the many issues caused by the lack of adequate network security are:

Lost or compromised confidential data

Crippling downtime, resulting in lost business

Loss of customer confidence in your business

High costs of restoring interrupted business operations

Data Magic’s Network Security Services

Ensuring the integrity of your network is a task that requires extensive experience and significant human resources. For a growing business, having a dedicated IT security team on your payroll is impossible. However, Data Magic Computer Solutions offer network security in Dallas so that small and mid-sized businesses have enterprise-grade protection at an affordable cost. We carry out the following tasks:

Identifying Weaknesses and Providing Advanced Cyber Threat Defenses

With the constantly shifting technology environment, navigating network security is tricky and requires significant expertise.

With Data Magic’s sophisticated malware detection and analysis capabilities, we not only help you keep abreast of imminent threats to your network but also prevent them from affecting your network. Our experience in providing network security services in Dallas has led us to a basic methodology:

Identifying your vulnerable network assets

Isolating the threats to your IT assets

Patching possible vulnerabilities

Providing proactive countermeasures including firewalls and anti-malware

Limiting the Risks of Remote Working and BYOD

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies moved to have a large part of their workforce work from home and access their corporate networks remotely through Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) setups. A Techjury article indicates that 67% of employees access their companies’ systems using personal devices. While remote working and BYOD maintains or improves employee productivity, it introduces security challenges by letting possibly insecure personal devices access your network. We help you to address the risk by:

Providing security scans of user devices to provide endpoint protection

Setting up multi-factor authentication

Enforcing role-based authentication to limit the level of remote access to your network

Training your team to help develop a culture of cybersecurity awareness

Expanding Network Security to Include the Cloud

Many growing businesses now leverage the power of the cloud to access applications and services that were previously only available to large corporations. However, accessing applications and data through internet channels provides new ways for hackers to access your network. Our network security solutions help to protect your team when accessing cloud-based resources wherever they are.

We perform:

Setup of secure VPNs

Zero-day malware filtering

Email filtering

Content inspection and SSL

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