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Do You Have An Expert Team Managing Your NIST Compliance?

Mainly falsely assume that being NIST compliant is important in and of itself, and for no other reason. That it’s only important to be compliant so that you avoid the consequences of noncompliance, like fines and audits. The truth is that a failure to stay NIST compliant can also affect your sales and growth as a business, as well as put your data at risk.

It is surprising to think that compliance has considerations other than just compliance, right?

What Is NIST Compliance?

With NIST 800-171, it’s the contractor’s responsibility to safeguard all data and information related to any work performed for the DoD, including:

  • Controlled technical information (CTI)
  • Information that would be described as controlled unclassified information (CUI)
  • Covered defense information (CDI)

If you’re not compliant, you’re technically no longer qualified to contract with the DoD – no matter which contracts you have in place or the professional relationships you’ve built over the years.

What’s The Right Way To Become NIST Compliant?

The best way to get this process started is to work with a third party that knows the ins and outs of NIST 800-171, and how to go about becoming compliant.

Data Magic Computer Services has experience successfully completing NIST 800-171 Assessments, IT Security Audits, and delivering Cyber Security best practices consulting in both private and public sector environments of all sizes.

Why do so many government contractors choose Data Magic Computer Services for their NIST SP 800-171 compliance needs?

Our team is proud to deliver:

  • The expertise, experience, and a price even small businesses can afford
  • One easy done-for-you consulting package to get you the answers you need quickly, the tools to become compliant, and a company who will be there to help with questions and implementation as needed.
  • Continuing compliance assistance as needed to help you stay compliant and be there for you if a compliance issue or breach occurs.

3 Steps To NIST Compliance

1. Compliance Assessment & Strategy

Our compliance services begin with a comprehensive assessment of your IT systems, the findings of which are compared with NIST SP 800-171 cybersecurity controls. Our team will then develop a strategy to mitigate any risks of noncompliance, providing detailed documentation that you can show the DoD or your Prime to prove your commitment to NIST compliance.

2. Remediation

Once the assessment is complete and the strategy has been developed, our team gets to work implementing any necessary changes in order to bring you to a state of confident NIST compliance. No matter what aspect of your cybersecurity is lacking, we will match it with a tested and proven solution to make sure it doesn’t put you at risk any longer.

3. Compliance Management

NIST compliance is not a one-time effort. Ongoing compliance requires ongoing management, monitoring your systems for any potential cybersecurity instances, and reporting to the DoD through the DIBNet Portal within 72 hours as required. As your IT systems age, and NIST requirements are updated, our team will make sure you stay compliant, applying necessary changes as need be.

Our streamlined assessment process can guide you through becoming compliant in as little as one day – all you have to do is reach out to our team.

We’ll provide a NIST certification in everything but name – while you may not have a fancy plague or diploma announcing your NIST certification to each and every prime contractor you do business with, you’ll still have the confidence knowing you’re fully compliant – and that you don’t have to worry about it any longer.

The Only IT Company In Dallas/Forth Worth To Offer You A Hassle Free Service Guarantee.

Our team is made up of an amazing group of individuals who understand and appreciate excellent customer services, with years of experience in technology and business operation.

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