Permanent Business Closures Post Covid-19

A future economic downturn is inevitable at this point, and CFOs NEED to find effective ways to position their organizations for growth and success…

A Wave of Permanent Business Closures is on the Horizon

A future economic downturn is inevitable at this point, and CFOs NEED to find effective ways to position their organizations for growth and success…

Every executive knows that economic downturns can be challenging to navigate, especially CFOs who are tasked with navigating the ups and downs, and overall, making difficult financial decisions. The coronavirus pandemic unfolded incredibly fast – leaving many organizations struggling to get a grasp on the new reality.

You’re working hard to find and budget for tools to work remotely.

You’re assessing the inevitable impact on the supply chain.

You’re adjusting to less cash-flow due to fewer people interested in purchasing.

But here’s the thing:

You have no clue when, or even if, things will go back to normal. Forecasting seems near impossible with such uncertainty about the future, right? We get that. But similar to any crisis, the ability to act swiftly will be key to positioning yourself for growth and success coming out of the pandemic, despite an economic downturn.

Creating a strategy

You need a plan that incorporates the right technology to cut costs, keep your people, and above all, position yourself for growth and success.

But before we look at your options for positioning your organization for growth and success, let’s review what other CFOs are doing in response to the coronavirus pandemic. PCW surveyed a group of CFOs to discover more about how they’re handling the situation at hand:

  • Nearly 1 in 3 are expecting layoffs in the next month
  • 72% feel that COVID-19 has the potential to impact operations significantly
  • 58% are considering pushing back or canceling planned investments
  • 68% say remote work will make their company better in the long-run

CFOs cutting costs

The consensus is clear: CFOs are looking to cut costs, but they’re overwhelmed and uncertain about how and where.

Does this sound familiar?

CFOs are looking to cut costs; there’s no doubt about that. But when it comes to the “how” and “where” of cutting costs, there’s uncertainty…

Some are expecting layoffs, others are canceling planned investments, but ultimately, a clear strategy is necessary, and it’s important to consider the role people play in any given organization. There’s a range of factors impacting short-term cash-flow, but the long-term value of an organization lies in its human capital.

We mentioned above that organizations need a strategy that incorporates the right technology to cut costs, keep their people, and above all, position themselves for growth and success. But where do you get that strategy?

You can count on us for the strategy you need

You need a technology partner that’s been around and helped organizations leverage the right technology during economic downturns before. We’re willing to bet you can weather this storm with the proper guidance on your side. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  1. You meet with our information technology experts, at no-cost with no-obligations, to discuss your challenges and goals.
  2. You get a customized technology strategy to cut costs and come out from the pandemic stronger than ever.
  3. You receive ongoing support to make that technology strategy work for you with adjustments as needed along the way.

We’ve already helped many businesses stay afloat with various tools, processes, and procedures put in place:

  • Affordable remote work technologies, including VPNs, VoIP systems, cloud-based productivity suites, and more.
  • Automation of manual, time-consuming tasks to lessen the need for human resources, and in turn, keep cash-flow available.
  • Data analytics to assist with making smarter, more informed decisions through access to real-time information.

You have options. Failure isn’t one of them.

Surviving the Covid-19 fallout

A wave of permanent business closures is on the horizon.

However, you’re going to get through this with the right tools, processes, and procedures – and we’re going to help you get there. If you’re ready to replace uncertainty and doubt, position yourself for growth and success, and come out of the coronavirus pandemic stronger than ever, you need to get in touch with us.

If you don’t put a strategy in place, you will continue to reduce your staff (your most valuable asset), watch your cash-flow drop, and struggle through the uncertainty. It’s time to recession-proof your technology (the foundation of your business), gain a competitive edge, and feel confident in your place in the market.

You know what’s at stake. Book a no-cost, no-obligation meeting with us to get your customized technology strategy now.

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