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The Threat of Phishing Scams is Real: Are You Protected?

You may not realize it, but your company could be a single click away from disaster. See how to protect against emerging threats such as ransomware and phishing scams.  

Business email compromise (BEC) attacks are a growing problem for corporations, especially those that are working with part-time staff or contractors that may not be fully indoctrinated into the company’s cybersecurity standards. With phishing attacks, your corporate email has suddenly become a battleground where hackers are constantly looking for opportunities to advance inside your business systems. If you think that these attacks are only hitting larger companies or those in a different vertical you are sorely mistaken — 83% of 15,000 surveyed IT leaders reported that their organization was phished in 2019. If that isn’t frightening enough, these cybercriminals are going high-tech with approximately half of the attacks are using HTTPS encryption, a marker that was previously used as a determining factor for safety. With all the dangers floating around in the digital world, are you sure that your organization is fully protected from these evolving attacks?

Active Monitoring and Aggressive Threat Protection

It’s time for IT teams to get aggressive with their defense tactics, but this can be dicey if you’re utilizing off-the-shelf solutions from a range of vendors. You might end up creating a Frankenstein’s monster of systems that leave unexpected vulnerabilities open for a hostile takeover of your systems. This is one of the reasons that many organizations are choosing to outsource their cybersecurity support to local professionals that have a holistic, enterprise-scale solution that offers transparent reporting and full visibility into system activity with robust dashboards and active monitoring.

User Training and Ongoing Education

Unfortunately, your internal business users are not the only individuals that will need to receive training to protect your corporation. Anyone interacting with your systems — from temporary workers who will be checking a business email account to external contractors who are sending information your way should all be part of your training initiatives. This helps counteract the “I didn’t know!” mentality that you’re likely to experience, as people are quickly multitasking and accidentally click on a phishing email. Staying protected means staying vigilant, and that means everyone from your front desk temporary worker to your executives and technology team should be receiving regular reminders of the dangers associated with clicking on questionable emails. Email is one of the biggest threats to your company, with hackers gaining access to billions of individual records each year.

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