4 Ways Project Management Software Improves Productivity and Reduces Rework

Manufacturers are always looking for faster-better-cheaper alternatives to the way they do business. Bolster your business results with the right project management software.

Manufacturers are always looking for faster-better-cheaper alternatives to the way they do business. Bolster your business results with the right project management software.  

There are so many opportunities for manufacturing businesses today that the most difficult problem you have is determining which area of focus will provide the most benefit to your business. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to high-end automation solutions, manufacturers are living in an age of constant change. While primary news outlets may be touting the way automation is replacing jobs, the US is actually enjoying a resurgence in manufacturing jobs — adding 32,000 jobs in December 2018 alone, the first growth the sector has seen since 1984. With a strong economy, American businesses are looking for ways to increase throughput and profitability, often launching new initiatives to remain competitive in the global market. Each of these projects provides the business with both risk and opportunity, but the ultimate outcome is often determined by having the right people, processes and technology in place. Are your project managers still using Excel and Outlook to keep big projects moving, or have they moved on to software that was specifically developed for project management? Creating a more structured environment for your projects can make a significant difference, allowing you to boost productivity and reduce overall rework.

1. Create Alignment Between Business and Technology Teams

Project management can be a messy business, especially when you consider the relationships that are required between business leaders and technology teams. Creating alignment between these business groups is often one of the biggest challenges in project management, but having a shared understanding of the project can make a crucial difference. When business teams feel as though they’re being heard, and technology teams are clearly communicating what they need then the business wins. This works best by having a shared tool that provides a visual review at a glance of the project status and any blockers, so teams can work together towards success.

2. Provide More Accurate Delivery Times

Defining exactly when a project will deliver can be every bit as slippery as determining the total cost or business impact. With dedicated project management software, you’re able to review delivery timelines with your project team and make shifts as appropriate to keep everything on target. While you can do many of these same functions in Excel, PowerPoint or even Word, modern project management software offers key calculations and timeline tools as part of the base package — saving your team time and money.

3. Easily Identify (and Shift!) Unnecessary Items

Nearly every project is plagued with items that are delivered by technology teams, only to find that business owners no longer need that specific functionality — or their needs have changed. One way to reduce this possibility of rework is to work within a shared project management platform where you’re continually grooming the backlist of items to ensure each unit of work is still required and valuable. This can also help improve the flow of the project by allowing teams to quickly shift the order of work units to enhance the flow of business.

4. Reduce Duplication of Effort

Did that last email assign you to a specific task, or was your co-worker supposed to take the task? This type of confusion can steal your team’s productivity, but dedicated project management software can help nip duplication of effort in the bud. Instead of sending emails that may cause confusion, project management software provides an at-a-glance interface so you can quickly see assignments and priority levels of each item. Studies by Carnegie Mellon show that this can increase productivity for the project by up to 60% over time.

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