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10 Best Remote IT Support Software & Tools for SMBs

The explosion of work-at-home customers and employees is spurring the need for robust remote IT support services. Over 36.2 million Americans will be remote workers by 2025, which means an increased need for tools that help them remain engaged with their work.

Whether you have a distributed workforce or looking to access business devices no matter your location, remote support software gives you the added flexibility to work remotely.

Fortunately, there are tons of remote support tools to help you support your virtual users. Below are some of the tools that will help you provide top-notch IT support to your remote employees and clients. 

If you need a bit of extra help, Data Magic co-managed IT can partner with your existing team to implement the use of these helpful tools and create a successful IT strategy in your organization.

The Best Remote IT Support Software

Here are our picks for the best remote support software and tools.


TeamViewer brings you integrated remote access for all your connectivity requirements. The software supports all major mobile and computer operating systems with a set of advanced features.

A single business subscription is roughly $50 per month, a multi-user subscription is around $103 per month, and a subscription for teams with their corporate license is around $207 per month.

Key TeamViewer features include:

  • Better device compatibility and support compared to competitors in the same category.
  • Features LAN wake-up, restart and install.
  • Provides remote printing capabilities.


RemotePC is a straightforward remote access software that’s easy to set up and get started. Pricing starts at $5 a month for an unlimited user license and 10 computers.

Key features include:

  • Easy access from a browser and without installing software.
  • Invitation to colleagues to work on one computer for presentations and other team activities.
  • RemotePC meets the regulatory and compliance standards of several bodies, including FIPS and PCI.


BeyondTrust Remote Support (Bomgar Remote Support) allows technicians to connect to, view, and control remote devices and systems. The software works across the most popular software platforms.

Best features of BeyondTrust include:

  • The ability of end-users and other technicians to chat and collaborate.
  • It’s fast generating a link for clients so you can remote in.
  • A clean and fairly easy-to-figure-out remote access console.

Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist offers your business exceptional security while improving your customer services. This all-around remote PC access software comes with a 15-day free trial. 

You can settle on a free plan, or upgrade to a paid subscription starting at $15 per month for professional use. The paid plans include mobile access, screen sharing, and session notes, among other features.

Key Zoho Assist features include:

  • The preset and custom reports module can help increase your efficiency and customer satisfaction levels.
  • All transactions within the software take place via 256-bit AES and SSL encryption.
  • Included apps allow customers and technicians to walk from their workstations.

ConnectWise Control

The ConnectWise Control remote access software has a priority for security and speed when connecting to other devices. An easy-to-use dashboard makes this software a favorite among technicians, customers, and SMBs.

Critical ConnectWise Control features include:

  • Seamless remote access and support on all major browsers and systems.
  • A security customization feature allows setting up role-based permissions and several multiple authentication methods.
  • The software comes with a library of over 100 extensions and integrations that help improve performance.

Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon WorkSpaces is cloud-based virtual desktops that replace the traditional desktop. These spaces feature a bundle with an operating system, storage space, computing resources, and software applications. The virtual resources are available for remote users.

Key features of Amazon WorkSpaces include:

  • A flexible pricing model including a free tier.
  • 24-hour, 7-days a week customer support.
  • Secure and encrypted services.

Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS)

Parallels RAS is one of the best remote access technical support software for businesses experiencing growth and scaling up their IT infrastructure. The software can also scale up to meet an abrupt market requirement. The cost for Parallels Remote Application Server is $99.99 per year per concurrent user.

Key features of Parallels RAS include:

  • The software has a seamless user experience on HTML5 browsers, iOS, and Android.
  • A multitasking feature lets you run multiple applications at once and switch between them using native gestures.
  • Task automation helps maximize resource utilization.


GoToMyPC lets you access several remote computers at once and from anywhere. This is a fairly simple tool to use that comes with useful features, such as remote printing and a shared clipboard.

GoToMyPC is $28-$35 per computer per month.

Key features of GoToMyPC include:

  • You can create desktop icons for different remote computers.
  • Comes with mobile apps for Kindle, iOS, and Android devices.
  • Requires a unique password for each remote computer you connect to.

VNC Connect

VNC Connect is a secure and easy-to-use virtual desktop software that many remote IT support companies use. The software has customizable plans to meet your business and budget requirements.

Pricing starts at $3.39 per computer per month.

Key features of VNC Connect are:

  • Flexible session permission.
  • Allow remote access to your headless system or independent machines and computers.
  • Offers a free guide on working essentials of remote connections for a beginner.


Splashtop offers you powerful security to protect your business-critical data. The software has an excellent track record of supporting remote teams and resolving technical issues. Splashtop starts at $40 per month for 25 computers.

Major Splashtop features include:

  • Integrations with an extensive selection of popular business solutions.
  • A Transport Layer Security (TLS) and 256-bit AES encryption protect each remote session.
  • You can view multiple remote screens on your screen.

Manage and Secure Your Remote Workforce and Client Support Communication

Don’t fall for misleading reviews and aggressive marketing when choosing your remote IT support tools. The software has deep access to your system, so make sure you understand the security implications and what support you’ll get.

Here are a few things you need to ask when looking for the best remote support software for your SMB.

  • Does the tool meet your security needs?
  • Does the software affect compliance?
  • Will the software provider offer the support you expect?
  • Does the software represent the best value?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of options available or things you need to consider, get in touch with the experts today. Data Magic specializes in providing managed and co-managed IT support services to medium to large businesses.

Our team of experts will partner with your existing team to handle server management, backup and disaster recovery, and help desk tickets more efficiently. At Data Magic, we have experience in various IT support tools, so we can advise on the best options to create an efficient technology stack that combines our knowledge with yours.

Get in touch with our team today and find out how Data Magic can help transform your business processes.

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