Why Consider SAP For Construction?

Construction companies in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas that want to compete in today’s technology-driven environment need up-to-date software solutions.

Construction companies in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas that want to compete in today’s technology-driven environment need up-to-date software solutions. But, it’s often perplexing trying to decide which programs to choose. That’s when you need an IT Consultant who can ensure you ask the right questions and find answers for them. To help you with your decisions we like to highlight some of the applications our clients in the construction industry find helpful. SAP for Construction is one of them.

SAP For Construction Will Help You Control Businesses Processes

SAP is an end-to-end platform that will drive strategic business outcomes across all areas of your business. It helps engineering, construction, and operations (EC&O) firms manage projects, avoid risk, and stay competitive. With SAP you can enable the entire construction lifecycle from start to finish.

SAP solutions can be deployed quickly and flexible in the Cloud to support your business processes.

They include the following:

Pre-Construction Solutions help you manage projects, avoid risk and remain competitive. A 5D construction solution integrates directly with your procurement, estimating, and budgeting systems to boost efficiency. Your team can estimate and develop forecasts to stay on budget with bill-of-material quantities imported from engineering designs.

SAP software optimizes pre-construction activities as well as sales and bid management processes. Other benefits include:

  • Increased business development efficiency.
  • More predictable outcomes.
  • Optimized pre-fabrication management processes.
  • Higher win rates.
  • Tighter collaboration with partners.

Project Delivery Solutions maximize productivity and profitability with coordinated, integrated systems and processes for operational excellence in project delivery. You can keep projects on track and within budget while proactively managing material, labor, equipment, and tools.

You’ll also have comprehensive, real-time visibility across your projects so you can optimize resources such as labor, materials, and equipment. This helps you flexibly manage scope, optimize project cash flow, and mitigate operations and financial risk.

Asset Management Solutions improve profitability by maximizing utilization of equipment and facilities. Monitor performance and optimize utilization levels across your construction business. Take advantage of solutions for preventive maintenance to manage assets proactively and minimize unplanned downtime.

Your field staff can use visual work instructions with 3D models on mobile devices.

Human Resources Solutions Increase employee and customer satisfaction and improve business performance by providing a choice in the delivery of HR processes and services. AP SuccessFactors® solutions help you digitally transform HR, enabling you to excel at finding, developing, and caring for your people to drive sustainable business success. SAP SuccessFactors solutions are designed to simplify HR processes and engage every employee, enabling them to feel supported, trained, and motivated to achieve their goals.

Finance Solutions allow your people and companies to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to outperform expectations. New innovative technologies and financial management solutions from SAP deliver greater value by enabling better business insight to maintain financial excellence. You can handle large volumes of granular data and perform in-memory analysis.

Procurement Solutions optimize procurement using preapproved subcontractors and gain real-time visibility over your supply pipeline. Sourcing and procurement software from SAP help streamline organization, and drive compliance and control while cutting costs and risks.

Analytics Solutions help ensure trusted data discovery by combining on-premise and cloud data without moving or replicating data. SAP BusinessObjects™ solutions provide a comprehensive set of modern analytics capabilities, on-premise and in the Cloud, that work together to analyze data wherever it resides. These solutions help you better understand your business.

Application Platform and Infrastructure Solutions help ensure common standards, robust interoperability, and flexible extensibility. Access a solid set of underlying technology platforms and related infrastructure services such as integration, collaboration, and interface management. To help ensure common standards, robust interoperability, and flexible extensibility, you’ll have a solid set of underlying technology platforms and related infrastructure services for application integration, collaboration, interface management, and more.

Database and Data Management Solutions instantly adapt business processes with live data. Rapidly innovate without constraints by developing intelligent business applications built on a unified data platform. SAP solutions offer an innovative approach to simpler, more efficient data management for your construction business. These solutions turn Big Data into real-time information, enabling you to quickly capitalize on new opportunities, modernize IT landscapes to satisfy new demands, and increase performance at a lower total cost of ownership.

IT Management Solutions align IT spending with business priorities, drive efficiency, increase responsiveness, and ensure business continuity with a new generation of technology from SAP. With SAP solutions and supported best practices, you can align your IT departments with business goals by transforming IT into a strategic business partner. You can respond faster to changing business needs and control IT costs. These solutions allow you to optimize efficiency for services and projects, reduce risk, and avoid business disruptions.

Security Solutions manage business continuity and minimize cost and risk. They enable you to safeguard your valuable information assets and help ensure the highest levels of protection across your operations.


  • Have support with compliance and reporting with comprehensive user administration and workflow controls.
  • Reduce risk and cost with analytics and capabilities to detect vulnerabilities in custom code.
  • Improve corporate security with real-time enterprise threat-detection functions.
  • Have business-driven, compliant, corporation-wide IT security.

IoT Business and Technology Services provide full microservices for machine learning, analytics, Big Data connectivity, security, and user experience. You’ll benefit from IoT applications without the need to manage data storage. SAP supports technology development and data models, connects, manages, and secures device data to feed business systems with IoT-edge devices and gateways.

  • IoT Business Services from SAP offer capabilities for IoT applications without the need to manage underlying data storage. Create enhanced virtual representations of products, services, or processes by combining sensor, business, and contextual data. Enable a rapid application framework that links “things” with business context services.
  • IoT Technology Services support the full lifecycle of Internet of Things (IoT) applications, including a development environment, a data model, and microservices available from SAP. Support identity management, geospatial, predictive, and device management technology. Services include data ingestion and management from sensors and databases with real-time and batch support.

SAP is just one of many IT solutions that can help you improve the way your construction company in Dallas or Fort Worth operates. Contact Data Magic Computer Services, and we’ll tell you about others.

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