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Top Questions to Ask Before Building a Strong Backup Strategy

What Are the Top Questions to Ask When Building a Strong Backup Strategy?

Does your Coppell, TX organization have a backup plan in place? Learn how to create a robust and comprehensive IT backup strategy for your Coppell business.

Strong Backup Strategies in Coppell Texas

How safe is your company’s data?

If you have no idea or know already that it’s not as safe as it should be, you’re living on the edge where your business’s safety and security are concerned. Too many Texas organizations have shirked their cybersecurity duties and paid heavily for it. Companies around the nation are going under left and right — all because they didn’t take the time to protect their businesses with proper backup strategies.

If you’re smart enough to realize that a business without a reliable backup strategy is no business at all, we want to help you. Creating a backup strategy doesn’t have to be hard. Below are the top questions you should consider before you begin — but first, let’s define exactly what having a backup strategy means.

What Is a Backup Strategy?

All businesses are at risk of being compromised by hackers and cybercriminals. Around the world, as well as right here in your own Coppell neighborhood, there are sinister computer experts who want your data or access to your networks. Alternatively, if they don’t want data or access for themselves, they want to sell these things and make a profit.

Essentially, there are a lot of bad actors out there who are searching day in and day out for ways to take advantage of you. And while, certainly, there are many preventive measures you can choose to stop these bad guys, there’s also only so much you can do. Even the most prominent, most influential organizations in the world — with the very best security on earth — have fallen prey to hackers.

The only way you can genuinely always protect yourself in the event of a data or network breach is to have a reliable backup of your company’s data and network settings.

Here are some tips for creating your backup.

Top Questions to Ask Before Creating Your Business’s Backup Strategy

1. What types of data need protection?

As you package up the data you need to be backed up, it’s essential to know precisely what you want to be included in your strategy. For some businesses, it might be the financial information of employees, for others, it might be personal information, medical data, or other sensitive material.

2. What time frame between backups is acceptable?

If the data you need protecting never changes, you won’t have to back up very often. If, however, you are receiving rapidly-changing information on a daily or hourly basis, remember that you’ll need to create a strategy that copies and stores this new data relatively often (for example every day or even every hour or so).

3. How much time can you afford to wait between a system compromise and when you need the restored data?

No company wants to have to wait more than even a few minutes to restore their business’s data fully. However, it’s essential to have a targeted time duration in mind (also known as a recovery time objective or an RTO). This will help dictate just how your backup will be stored.

Are You Looking for an IT Company Who Works With Businesses in Coppell, TX?

Data Magic Computer Services offers comprehensive and reliable IT support and computer services to businesses in Coppell and the surrounding areas. Not only will we help you create a resilient backup strategy, but also, as your partner in IT, we will go above and beyond to ensure your business benefits from a dedicated staff, state-of-the-art software and support, and ever-vigilant security.

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