How Hard is Switching IT Companies?

Switching IT companies can be tricky. Find out how to avoid the potential pitfalls involved with making the transition to a new IT company.

The Difficulty of Switching It Companies

As many parts of the country start to open up from coronavirus lockdowns, we’re receiving a TON of calls from business executives asking about how to switch IT companies. Why? Typically, when we speak with them, we discover that they’ve been struggling with their current IT company during the pandemic. In some cases, they’re not responding quickly enough when their remote workers have challenges. In other cases, they’re not securing their remote workers against cyberthreats.

In all cases, the abrupt switch to remote work made one thing clear: their current IT company wasn’t up-to-par in terms of service quality. Technology plays a critical role in virtually all businesses nowadays. Every company is a technology company to some degree. They all depend on technology to make, market, or sell their products and services. So how hard is it to switch IT companies?

Today, we’re going to answer that question honestly and openly for you. The truth is, switching IT companies is a MASSIVE project. It’s a big deal, and that can’t be overlooked. Your IT company will have administrative access to everything on the network, and of course, all of that documentation will need to be transferred over.

How Can You Strategically Switch IT Companies?

Our biggest recommendation is to switch IT companies in a strategic manner. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Don’t cancel your current IT agreement until you’ve selected a new IT company, and they’re ready to get started.
  2. Make sure you have administrative access to everything on your network: logins, passwords, etc. If you don’t already, it’s a good thing you’re switching IT companies.
  3. Conduct an extensive security assessment to find any existing vulnerabilities and backdoors that need to be resolved.
  4. Give the notice to cancel with your current IT company as soon as the new IT company is in place and an agreement is signed.
  5. Speak with your staff about the change, including any contact information for support, policies, and procedures, and more.

Although we’ve seen some hostile circumstances arise over the past few years, the majority of the time, switching IT companies is quite simple and straightforward. If you undergo the process with Data Magic, the process can be a breeze.

For more information as to how Data Magic can assist your business, click here to get in touch with our representatives or call (469) 635-5500 today! 


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