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3 Ways Updated Technology Helps Boost Your Business Efficiency

Ways Updated Technology Helps Boost Your Business Efficiency

Are you ready to supercharge your business efforts? Technology can either be a hindrance — or the best strategic tool in your kit for enhanced revenue generation.  

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Businesses are simply becoming more complex, and with that complexity comes a level of systems awareness that users are not always comfortable with. Business users may not be the most tech-savvy bunch, but they still need to know enough to do their jobs. If your teams are being slowed down by inefficient and slow networks and business applications, it doesn’t take long for them to become frustrated — and potentially take that frustration out on your customers or each other. Maintaining a high level of technical readiness while still making your infrastructure seamless and easy to use is a fine balancing act and one that requires the dedication of a range of IT support personnel. Here are three big benefits associated with updating your technology to improve the revenue potential of your business.

1. Faster Networks = Greater Productivity

The cost of IT downtime continues to skyrockets, with some experts claiming upwards of $5,600 per hour, with some estimates going as high as $10,000 per hour. This astronomical sum is not one that can be tolerated for any period of time, and IT teams generally jump into high gear when there’s a full outage. However, do you consider the incremental periods of time that are also sapping productivity from your teams? A network that is 50% slower than it should be could be just as damaging — and a lot more difficult to diagnose and resolve.

2. Improved Communications Tools

Today’s businesses are run from a range of locations instead of being a bit more centralized. That means your staff members could be calling into an important meeting from their dining room table — or the ball field while their child is hitting a home run. These everyday scenarios only work when you have access to advanced communication tools that allow you to have exceptional and secure access to business systems and information on the go.

3. Reduced Frustration and Focus on the Future

When your technology teams are not being called to resolve “slow networks” or lost passwords on a regular basis, they are more likely to focus on the future and on creating the innovation that your business needs to be successful. Having a dedicated external help desk team and convenient access to technical support allows your business users to self-serve in many instances, freeing up your IT team for future research and helping your business stay competitive.

If you’re tired of dealing with slow networks, inefficient help desk procedures and vendors who seem more like adversaries than partners, you are going to love working with the wizards at Data Magic! We believe in making your infrastructure and communications platforms work like magic, so you don’t have to think about them at all. Ready to see how you can boost revenue and improve your customer satisfaction with swiftly-moving systems? Contact the professionals at Data Magic Computer Services today at (469) 635-5500 or fill out our quick online form to request your free initial consultation.

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