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Comparing Top Veterinary Software Options (Product Information/Reviews)

Reviewing the Highest Rated Software Applications for Veterinarians

Exploring the features and capabilities of the industry’s top-rated veterinary software solutions

There’s no getting around it – vets are some of the busiest healthcare professionals around. They face unique challenges too, like determining the health needs of their animal patients and communicating relevant and important information with pet owners. Managing appointments, handling emergency visits, and maintaining detailed animal health records is a constant balancing act for veterinary practitioners.

Technology is making it possible for vets to get things done more efficiently and treat animals more effectively. Particularly, specialized veterinary software plays a huge role in helping veterinary practices optimize their entire operational effort. Software designed particularly for veterinary practices are equipped with countless features to help make the lives of veterinarians easier by streamlining processes and organizing critical data.

However, like in many other industries, software options for veterinarians are seemingly endless. There are countless options on the market, all with different capabilities and features, and all claiming to be the best option. So, how is a veterinarian supposed to decide? We’ve decided to review some of the highest rated veterinary software options on the market to help your clinic make an informed choice.

Best of the Best: Reviewing Top Veterinary Software Solutions with 5-Star Ratings

In order to find the best veterinary software solutions for your practice, it helps to have a side-by-side comparison of some of the market’s leading options. So, we’ve narrowed down some of the best choices as ranked by the software experts at Capterra. Read on to check out some of the best and 5-star rated software solutions for veterinary practices.

  1. Pet Desk

Pet Desk is totally focused on client communication and is a great add-on for veterinarians who already have a trusted operational software solution in place. Pet Desk is designed to relieve your overloaded staff and efficiently streamline your workload. Pet Desk allows your team to very easily manage appointment reminders and confirmations so that both your clients and schedules are kept up-to-date seamlessly. Pet Desk offers options to communicate with your client base via email, texts, postcards, and a mobile application.

Simply put, Pet Desk allows you to maintain a personal touch with your clients while still leveraging technology to minimize tedious work for your staff. Pet Desk offers the ability to send personalized messages, promote and manage loyalty programs, and connect your clients with online review platforms. With Pet Desk, your clinic gets the best of both worlds – the streamlining efficiency of technology and a personalized and consistent connection with your clients.

You can find full product descriptions, pricing information and user reviews on Pet Desk here.

  1. ezyVet

ezyVet is the top-of-the-line Cloud-based software solution for veterinary practices. ezyVet is your one-stop shop for everything your practice relies on including managing clients, booking animal appointments, scheduling reminders and confirmations invoicing and finance management, inventory management and control, lab integrations and more. ezyVet also has huge integration capabilities with other Cloud solutions that veterinarians rely on like XERO for accounting and Smart Flow for treatment management.

The true benefit of ezyVet is that it’s a truly connected and integrated solution. It is designed specifically to effectively manage referrals, emergency specializations, and optimize the treatment experience for all kinds of veterinary practices including small animal, mixed animal and equine. For Cloud-friendly veterinary practices, ezyVet offers an all-encompassing solution that centralizes everything your team and clients require.

You can find full product descriptions, pricing information and user reviews on ezyVet here.

  1. V-Tech Platinum (VTP)

V-Tech Platinum is the 25-year veteran with a reputation for being both the most cost-effective and efficient veterinary software solution on the market. With round the clock support and team training included at no extra cost, the value offered by VTP is hard to ignore. In fact, any software updates, training modules, additional workstations that your practice requires are included – at zero additional cost to you.

VTP also offers dynamic and organized documentation and reporting solutions and offers integration with Paperless, Paperlite and countless other digital reporting solutions. VTP offers seemingly limitless customization capabilities and intuitive reporting solutions. Even better? The platform has endless options for Server, Cloud or Hybrid server set-ups, meaning you can implement and customize the solution to suit your server infrastructure.

You can find full product descriptions, pricing information and user reviews on VTP here.

  1. Onward Vet – five stars

Onward Vet is the beautifully designed and easy-to-use Cloud-based practice management solution that comes equipped with built-in client communication tools. Celebrated for its comprehensive nature, Onward Vet offers veterinarians a cutting-edge and state-of-the-art paperless platform with big-time integration and optimization power.

Onward Vet is designed specifically to centralize resources and processes for your practice. From the Cloud-based Onward Vet platform, your team can take advantage of countless features including: SOAP and surgery noting tools, inventory control, invoicing, appointment and schedule management, prescription management, lab and device integration, referrals, reporting and treatment planning. Onward Vet also offers optimal integration with Avimark, Cornerstone, Intravet, Impromed, VIA and more.

You can find full product descriptions, pricing information and user reviews on VTP here.

  1. VetBadger

VetBadger offers a truly dynamic and easy-to-use Cloud-based veterinary practice software solution. The platform is designed with role-based task management features, meaning its easier than ever to keep your team connected and working efficiently day in and out. The designers of VetBadger believe so much in their platform that they even offer you the option to give the software a test-drive free of charge.  

The VetBadger platform is designed with efficiency and organization in mind. Client communication and charting are made easier than ever with two-way integrated email, text messaging and fax capabilities that sync directly with medical charts. VetBadger platform also has seamless QuickBooks integration, meaning you’re able to manage inventory, invoicing and all other financial details in real-time.

You can find full product descriptions, pricing information and user reviews on VTP here.

Making a Choice: How to Select the Best Veterinary Software Solutions for Your Practice

At the end of the day, only you and your team will have a solid idea of which veterinary software solution is the right fit for your practice. The first step to finding the right solutions is working to understand the particularities and unique needs of your practice.  What’s most important to your practice? What are the redundancies or tedious tasks that could be better managed with technology?

By asking yourself these questions and determining your unique needs you’ll be able to compare those needs to the features outlined and provided by each solution above and countless others on the market. The best advice we can give is to go with your gut. Do your research and choose a solution that can be customized to meet your needs and the needs of your patients, and team members.

If you require some additional guidance and consultation for your search, never hesitate to check in with an experienced IT consultant. Specifically, reach out to a provider who has experience providing IT support for veterinarians. Consultation and guidance from an experienced insider can help take the stress out of your software search and ensure the veterinary software your select will help optimize your clinic experience.

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