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Cybersecurity Awareness Training Dallas (DFW)

Data Magic Computer Services provides cybersecurity awareness training for organizations throughout Dallas and Fort Worth. Speak with a security expert.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Training In Dallas & Fort Worth

We provide training to ensure your team can recognize and resist hacking attempts.

Do you handle sensitive or proprietary information?

Does your business transfer or store confidential information online?

Do you need to educate your staff to recognize cyber threats?

Training is an essential process for staff in any business. It helps keep all your employees on the same page and arms them with the skills and knowledge they require to perform their duties effectively. Surprisingly, many businesses feel that providing cybersecurity awareness training for their IT teams is sufficient to secure their operations. However, this is not enough — you need to make your entire team aware of the various threat vectors that exist, from ransomware to data breaches. Training will keep members of your team from making simple mistakes that threaten the security of your business.

Why Cybersecurity Awareness Training Is Essential for the Success of Your Business

When your team is uninformed about cyberattackers’ enormous capabilities, a moment of carelessness could cost you. Fortune estimates that cyber-attacks cost companies more than $400 billion per year in the US alone. For this reason, cybersecurity awareness training is just as important as firewalls, antivirus software, and email scammers. The cost of good cybersecurity awareness training is worth the money if it helps you stop even a single attack. Some of the benefits of training are:

Increased security

Savings on the costs of restoring data

More effective use of cybersecurity measures

Empowering your workforce

Retaining customer trust

What Cybersecurity Awareness Training Do We Provide?

A lot of damage could result from a simple action like an employee checking work email on their smartphone when connected to a public Wi-Fi network. However, if you can make everyone in your organization recognize risky behavior, you can lower the chances of a breach. We offer the following as part of our comprehensive cybersecurity awareness training:

Comprehensive Training Sessions

Our training team understands that everyone has different learning styles, so we have a cybersecurity training program that has a mix of various activities and learning formats and avoids legal and technical jargon. We bear in mind that your team works across a range of professional disciplines and departments and have possibly never encountered many of the technical aspects of cybersecurity. We keep things simple by communicating in plain language while ensuring we get the message of security across to your staff. Our training involves:

Instructor-guided training sessions

Training videos

One-on-one sessions

Cybersecurity guides


Measuring the Impact of Cybersecurity Awareness Training

No matter if you are kicking off a new cybersecurity awareness initiative or you need to upgrade your existing program, we can help you set measurable goals for the behavioral improvements among your staff. We start by reviewing the frequency of the reported incidents at the start of training and check whether they increase during continuous training. When your team reports more incidents, it is often an indication that they can better identify suspicious activity, not that the incidents have increased. We carry out:

Anonymous surveys

Qualitative metrics from analysis of surveys

Simulated attacks

User feedback

Tracing of risky behavior

Continuous Compliance and Strategic Training

One-off training or a tick-the-boxes exercise is not effective. It would be best to recognize that cybersecurity awareness training is a crucial strategic step toward protecting your business from cyber threats. We enroll all your employees in an ongoing cybersecurity training program that helps them to keep awareness and learning at the front of their minds. We offer:





Phishing exercises

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