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VoIP Phones Dallas (DFW)

Data Magic Computer Services provides business telephone services for organizations throughout Dallas and Fort Worth. Speak with a phone expert today.

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Business VoIP Phone Service In Dallas and Fort Worth

Lower your telephony costs with our Dallas VoIP service for businesses. Our VoIP phone service delivers superior quality at a fraction of the cost.

Do you need a physical phone in your business anymore?

Do you have extraordinarily high business telephony costs?

Do you want to save money on hardware when transitioning to a new system?

Are you looking to upgrade the features of your business telephones?

Do you want to optimize the usage of your business’s high-speed internet connection?

Transitioning your business telephone service to Voice over IP (VoIP) is the answer to all of these questions and more. VoIP is rapidly becoming the new standard for business telephone service due to its many advantages over traditional phone lines.

Effective communication is an essential part of modern business. Even with email, chat, and social media, there is nothing that gives you a feel of what your customers need or provides the personal touch of a phone call.

However, traditional PSTN business telephones not only have their limitations in capacity and features, but can be costly. At Data Magic, we are a Dallas/Fort Worth IT services company that provides local businesses with the latest in Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to ensure that you connect to your clients, partners, staff, and suppliers.

What Is VoIP and What Are Its Benefits?

VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a technology that allows you to use your high-speed internet connection to make and receive phone calls instead of a regular phone line.

VoIP calls are transmitted over the internet in data packets using IP instead of through the public switched telephone network (PSTN). This makes it possible to transmit voice calls and multimedia content such as images, videos, and files at a fraction of the cost of regular phone calls.

Additionally, VoIP offers many innovative features that can give your growing business an advantage over your competition. The technology lets users make and receive phone calls over a broadband internet connection, instead of using a regular analog telephone line – and it doesn’t take very much internet bandwidth.

VoIP calls can be made from any location with an internet connection, using a VoIP phone, PC client, or mobile app by converting sound from the telephone set into digital data packets and transferring it through the internet. The receiver then converts the data packets back into sound.

There are several advantages to VoIP calls, including:

Better call quality





Call recording

Higher productivity

Lower cost

Features of Data Magic Business VoIP Phone Service

Data Magic makes it possible for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of VoIP technology to improve their business communication. We offer a wide range of features with our VoIP phone service plans, including:


Caller ID

Call waiting

3-way calling

Call forwarding

Do not disturb

Call blocking

And more!

What Can Data Magic Do For You?

We recently saved an organization about $200-$500 per seat on physical hardware! If you are curious about the value of VoIP phone systems over physical phone systems moving into 2022, watch this video for our insight!

Nearly every time we audit an organization’s Internet, VoIP, or IT Service, they are overpaying for one or more categories. Internet providers love leaving their customers on legacy connections where they are paying more for less, and we have seen organizations paying way too much for phones repeatedly. Providers tout all the bells and whistles, but 95% of these features go unused anyway. Data Magic can assist with a free and objective audit of your current phone and internet bill.

In addition, we offer only the best VoIP services and take pride in:


In the early days of VoIP technology, the technology’s huge disadvantage was it's extremely poor call quality. At the time, telephones would drop calls for no apparent reason, there would be garbled calls, and VoIP calls would suffer high latency. However, the higher internet speeds and more stable connections available today mean that VoIP calls are now crisp, without latency problems, devoid of lag, and do not drop. Giving VoIP traffic priority through the firewall will ensure your voice quality is always good.

Additionally, we have innovative solutions that further increase audio quality by offering:

Less interference

High-quality cabling to decrease jitter

High-quality cabling to decrease jitter



When you choose VoIP for your business telephones, you want to be sure that you get high availability and reliability. Data Magic has a team of highly trained, experienced, and motivated VoIP technicians who will ensure that they source the best quality headsets from leading manufacturers and that you have optimized the configuration of your telephones.

We understand that every garbled or dropped call costs money for your business, so we provide 24/7 support to ensure that you enjoy maximum uptime and the best call quality possible. Before setup, we survey your existing IT infrastructure and, where necessary, recommend any needed upgrades to ensure that you have an optimal configuration to support internet calling.

We provide:

Quality headsets

Router optimization

Configuration of phones

24/7 support

Ease Of Use

Having a high-tech telephony solution is useless if you and your staff have trouble using it. We provide your business with intuitive VoIP solutions with a load of features but remain easy to use, with minimal training. Our control panel offers all the information you need about your telephony solution at a glance. Some of the features you get with the Data Magic VoIP solution are:

An intuitive control panel

Easy-to-use but feature-packed headsets

Simplified call procedure


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