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Governance Risk and Compliance with Data Magic

Data Magic's Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) tool is a comprehensive solution that helps businesses streamline their certification and compliance processes.

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Our GRC tool assists in establishing and enforcing best practice policies and procedures across the organization. It includes features that allow organizations to maintain a unified control framework, which aids in policy management, control enforcement, and overall organizational consistency.


We aid organizations in maintaining compliance with various standards, laws, and regulations, including NIST 800-171. Our GRC tool provides a centralized platform where businesses can map and manage their compliance requirements and promptly identify any areas of non-compliance. It also assists in compliance reporting, providing comprehensive reports that can be used for internal purposes or shared with external auditors.

Certification Assistance

In addition to helping with compliance, the GRC tool aids organizations in pursuing various IT certifications. The tool can guide businesses through the certification process, providing a structured pathway to meeting the necessary requirements and tracking progress toward certification goals.

Continuous Monitoring

Data Magic provides a dashboard that gives real-time visibility into the organization's governance, risk, and compliance status. It allows for continuous monitoring and immediate response to any changes that may affect the organization's compliance or risk posture.

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