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IT Reporting Is Important and You Should Be Paying Attention

Managing a business, department, or team often means the last thing on your mind is additional IT reporting. Yet, in the realm of business, few elements are as crucial as the PPT Framework: People, Processes, and Technology.

However, technology tends to be the odd one out among these three.

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IT Reporting in the past was cumbersome, long, and honestly, not that helpful. However, we’ve come a long way from those 20-page reports of technical jargon!

Receiving monthly IT reports plays a vital role in your business operations. Access to a dashboard or a quick snapshot of your technology's key components ensures you stay well-informed about the actions your IT Provider or team is taking on behalf of your organization.

So, starter question: Are you currently receiving any IT Reporting

If yes, great! Read on and learn about what reports should be included.

If not, it might be time to express interest to your IT Provider that you’ve had a change of heart, and you would like to start seeing those reports again.

Report #1 Hardware Inventory

Knowing the managed devices (such as computers, laptops, servers, switches, access points, etc.) present in your organization is crucial. Additionally, being aware of their age, warranty status, and when they're due for replacement aids in budgeting effectively and maintaining your organization's well-being. It also allows you to identify any computers that might be missing from reports and need inclusion.

Report #2 Data Backup

You're familiar with the concept of backups. No technical expertise is required to understand a monthly confirmation indicating whether your backups were successful. It's straightforward: green for success, red for failure, right?

Report #3 Security Report

You know what patching and security updates are. You need to know whether this is happening on a consistent basis. Anything red?

If so, why is there red and how can we get that in the green as soon as possible?

Report #4 Projects

You just signed off on a big IT project. What next? Getting status updates and reports of progress are important. No technical information required.

Reports can be advantageous, but it's crucial to navigate the delicate balance of 'alert fatigue' when it comes to IT Reporting. Being bombarded with too much information might result in it being ignored. With these four key snapshots, dedicating just a few minutes each month for a review can offer you a succinct summary that your IT needs are being addressed. Additionally, they serve as an insightful tool to verify if your IT Provider is fulfilling their responsibilities to ensure the wellness of your business.

If you need help with what type of IT reporting to request or have any questions at all, please reach out: we’re happy to help!

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