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IT Services For Animal Hospitals & Vet Clinics (Questions/Answers)

Searching For A New Computer Services Company For Your Veterinarian Clinic Or Animal Hospital?

If you haven’t read our veterinarian server crash story we posted recently, it was sad and touches on what happens to vet clinics who mistreat and abuse their IT framework. They cut corners on IT prevention and data backups. And then it all comes crashing down all around them.

In our story, IT Service rescue attempt, for the veterinarian, was offered. But in the end, the recommendations were declined by the clinic, and subsequently, both of the clinic’s hard drives crashed, and data recovery was impossible. It was quite a mess.

When thousands of veterinarians across the USA, just like you, are burdened down with business, staff, mistreated pets, cruel owners, and homeless animals, it is easy to forget your IT system can be vibrant when cared for, or on its last legs when misused, abused or neglected.

Which 6 IT Framework Burdens Hound Thousands of Veterinarians Daily?

When you survey Veterinarians, no matter what part of the country their clinic is in, a consensus about the six things they want out of the information technology keep coming up:

  • Alleviate the Burden – Technology should make your life easier, not harder.
  • Maximum Productivity – Get an IT plan that keeps your office efficient.
  • Safety and Security – Secure your records to prevent hackers and viruses.
  • Go Paperless – Save money and search patient records with ease.
  • More Hours in the Day – Stop wasting valuable time fighting with technology.
  • Control Costs – Proactive IT management for a monthly fee. No surprises.

As you read the list, it is understandable how a vet’s frustration would swell over the heavy burden; just so that they can maintain their IT framework all by themselves. Without knowing the six IT success steps, they continue to dig a deeper hole for themselves.

What Are The Six Veterinarian’s IT Support  Success Steps?

When a Veterinarian feels there is no end in sight, from the IT woes, a vet friendly IT company can put together a six-step process that will give the clinic owner, their staff, and volunteers smoother IT success and remove any the framework burdens that slow the business down.

The six IT success steps will also save the staff time and prevent technology failures, so the vet, his staff, and some of the volunteers can focus on caring for animals and keeping their owners happy.

The six immediate areas, to develop IT success, which your IT consultant would address are:

  • Email and Website
  • Security and Firewall
  • Printers and Network
  • Upgrade Workstations
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • Optimize Server for Hardware & Software

Corralling this group and putting them through the process, your clinic starts to experience more freedom, while your staff focuses on their feline or canine duties.

What Is The Next Step In IT Services For Animal Hospitals & Vet Clinics?

As a Veterinarian clinic owner, always pressed for time. You could find yourself dropped in the middle of emergency surgery on a dog; Maybe your clinic is full of walk-ins, and you’re short on staff, and the lobby just got packed with anxious pet owners; all at a moment’s notice.

A Veterinarian friendly IT Company, working with Vet clinics, understands chaos can erupt at any moment when it comes to owners and their pets.

A vet friendly IT Firm knows you want to spend less time dealing with paperwork and technology, and more time loved by pets and trusted by their humans. So, your first meeting might look like this:

  • Step 1 – Schedule a listening session
  • Step 2 – Tell us about your goals and technology
  • Step 3 – Create an IT Strategy Success Plan

Do you recall the last business meeting, with any vendor, that was as easy as 1, 2, 3?

Where Do You Go To Get The Best Veterinarian Computer Support and IT Services?

As you review your IT infrastructure, look at the number of times you get pulled away. Searching to find out what is wrong now, only to discover your server crashed, and the backup server is whimpering and needing help too. Don’t become another veterinarian server crash story

Be that Veterinarian clinic owner, who focuses on a movement to rescue abused and homeless animals no matter the cost. And leave the IT framework burdens to Veterinarian friendly IT Firms.

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