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3 Ways Manufacturers Can Capitalize on the Benefits of Next-Generation Technology

Manufacturers Can Capitalize on the Benefits of Next-Generation Technology

Is your business ready for the hyper-connected world of Industry 4.0? With the focus on artificial intelligence and connected devices, manufacturers have a near-unlimited potential for innovation. 

For years, manufacturers have been teased with the value that technology can provide — but may still be struggling to recognize the expected value within your business. When you consider the complexity of some of the systems that are new to the marketplace such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the bevy of connected devices, it’s not surprising that change isn’t happening overnight. Fortunately, there are at least three key ways that you can capitalize on the wealth of next-generation technology options that are relatively mature and ready to use.

1. Make Sure Your Tech is “Smart and Secure”

Smart technology boasts a lot of benefits for manufacturers, but it’s vital that you also secure these connected devices before allowing them to freely access your business networks where you also store sensitive or confidential data. It only takes a single poorly-configured router or connected IoT (Internet of Things) device to bring your business network to the ground, so IT services professionals strongly recommend that manufacturers regularly review their data access procedures and keep a close watch on connected devices.

2. Automated Compliance and Security Reporting

There are some pretty hefty charges associated with poor compliance, so many manufacturers spend a significant amount of staff time pulling together reports that prove their compliance measures are adequate and correctly implemented. Reducing these costs is a big win for your bottom line, which is why robotic process automation (RPA) is a big buzzword for today’s forward-thinking manufacturers. RPA allows organizations of all sizes to reduce redundancy and streamline processes, bringing extreme levels of efficiency to legacy workflows.

3. Maximize Efficiency with Data Consolidation

If the idea of pulling together a wide range of disparate data systems gets your mind humming, then you’re truly going to enjoy the possibilities that data science offers. It’s easier than ever before to stitch together a variety of datasets and analyze them in a meaningful way, allowing your team to draw conclusions that can boost operational efficiency and reduce errors. Simply being able to uncover production trends in a new way offers an extremely powerful tool for analysis, helping teams pinpoint any inefficiencies and quickly test resolutions before a broadscale deployment of a new solution. Organizations have been utilizing ERP (enterprise resource planning) software for decades, but the new analytical tools truly take the possibilities to new heights.

Creating a hyper-connected business starts with a secure and robust network and communications infrastructure for your business. The experts at Data Magic Computer Services have decades of experience working with manufacturers to define the right software and solutions to keep your company on the cutting edge of innovation. Contact us today at (469) 635-5500 or fill out our quick online form to receive your free initial consultation. From managed IT support to WiFi networking and integrations, Data Magic is the top-rated Dallas Fort Worth IT services company for manufacturers.

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