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8 Top Enterprise Architecture Tools for 2020

Find the Right Enterprise Architecture Tool to Grow Your Business

Enterprise architecture helps businesses evaluate processes and technology to drive business goals. Learn about some of the top tools to help drive innovation.

Businesses today seek technical solutions that help them align technology with business objectives. Enterprise architecture (EA) tools help companies to achieve those goals.

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While the tools alone do not solve all your business challenges, collectively, they offer solutions for collaboration, testing, IT processes, and digital transformation. Here is a look at eight tools that provide your business with a strong enterprise architecture foundation.

1. Ardoq

Ardoq is an easy-to-use tool for rearchitecting the enterprise using an open graph platform. Graph analysis is what sets it apart, and the tool includes multiple approaches to importing data from different data sources and applications. Ardoq uses a unique feature -- crowdsourcing -- to gather input information from within the organization, stakeholders, and subject matter experts.

2. Avolution ABACUS

ABACUS drives innovation with a tool embedded in other collaboration platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Confluence. It also integrates with Microsoft Office 365, allowing users to use Kanban boards and plan agile projects. Project leaders can use an interactive portal to manage ideas and an innovation management dashboard tool.

3. BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio

BiZZdesign focuses your work on the customer experience, with an emphasis on the customer journey. The tool uses the digital twin enterprise model and analytics to drive innovation through dashboards and visualization aids. The model helps companies gain insights into operational inefficiency and use data to drive innovation.

4. BOC Group Adoit

Organizations using one of the standard frameworks will like using BOC's EA tool. It's particularly useful for architecture modeling, asset management, and IT portfolio management and is structured to allow for the continuous redesign of the digital structure. Its modeling interface adeptly represents dependencies across infrastructure, apps, and business processes. When used with BOC's Knowledge Hub, EA users can leverage AI to gather resources and act on innovative or disruptive ideas while considering budget implications and technology roadmaps.

5. Erwin

erwin describes the EA process as requiring an "accurate blueprint for managing change and growth." It's an apt description of the erwin process, which emphasizes data visibility. Its tool takes in metadata from across the organization, letting EA and non-EA users see, understand, and act on information faster. Outcomes drive its modeling, whether for initiatives, products, projects, or solution development work. It's an ideal solution for architecture modeling or innovation.

6. MEGA International Hopex

HOPEX connects business priorities, data, IT, and risk insights in a single platform. Highly scalable, HOPEX allows users to choose the connections to explore integration and deliver immediate analysis, providing a single source of truth for decision-making. It's a highly configurable, out-of-the-box solution designed to support IT architecture, portfolio management, governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) and business process analyses. The tool builds scenarios that allow for mapping and improving strategies and processes.

7. Qualiware X

In 2018, Qualiware redesigned its product to make it simpler to use. It places a strong emphasis on its visualization tools, providing users with intuitive, visual representations of processes, risks, IT support, and internal controls. Qualiware allows for multiple best practices to be presented, leading to smarter decisions and allowing organizations to choose which frameworks to adopt. It's designed for use by both EA and non-EA users and emphasizes collaboration. Qualiware has also adopted newer and lesser-known frameworks as options and now includes a mobile interface.

8. Software AG Alfabet

Alfabet helps EA users from strategy development through implementation. Its integration features allow for a single, enterprise-wide view of EA work. It includes functions that enable IT planning, risk management, financial management, and relationship management. Alfabet uses an AI-powered user interface to encourage usage and adoption. Its strengths include architecture modeling, IT portfolio management, asset management. Alfabet encourages a future-first approach that drives ideation and innovation.

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