[VIDEO] Are You Confident Your Business is Ready to Upgrade to Windows 10?

Are you stressed out wondering if your business will be lacking adequate security without an upgrade to Windows 10? It's a valid concern -- here's how to tell if you're ready.  

Windows 10 Upgrades In Dallas/Fort Worth

Are you stressed out wondering if your business will be lacking adequate security without an upgrade to Windows 10? It’s a valid concern — here’s how to tell if you’re ready.  

Has Your IT Company Planned Your Windows 10 Upgrades?

All good things must come to an end. With Microsoft products, that end generally comes ten years after a product is introduced. If you’re still running Windows 7 on your business computers, you’re about to find out what happens when product support ends on January 14, 2020. Here’s a hint: it’s definitely not a “good thing” to be running a Windows product that is completely out of the support window. Not only are you running the risk of hackers finding a way into software that is no longer receiving critical updates, but you’re also lacking any kind of backup support from the Microsoft team. While this looming deadline has businesses and home users scrambling to upgrade, there are still up to 28% of the PC population that is stuck in the Windows 7 world. Here’s how to avoid becoming a statistic when the end-of-life term runs out for Windows 7.

Are Your PCs Compatible With Windows 10?

The first step in walking through your upgrade from Windows 7 is determining if the hardware you have is physically able to run the newer Windows 10 software. Key system requirements for Windows 10 include:

  • 1 GHz or faster compatible processor or SoC (System on a Chip)
  • 1 GB RAM for a 32-bit system, or 2 GB RAM for a 64-bit system
  • The hard drive must be 32GB or larger
  • A DirectX 9 or greater graphics card
  • Minimum display size of 800×600

In addition to these basic requirements, the PC must also be able to connect to the internet to accept updates as well as to take advantage of certain features.

Tackling the Upgrade

While it is possible to upgrade multiple computers one-by-one, it can be quite a daunting task. There are multiple steps that you must complete before completing the upgrade, starting with having access to a valid product key. There are also some added complexities around the version of Windows that you’re currently running and which version you can upgrade to, and Windows 7 Enterprise users are only able to upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise Edition. With this edition, many of the self-service options such as the media creation tool are disabled, adding layers of complexity to your upgrade process. Microsoft has done an admirable job laying out the basic instructions for upgrading basic Windows 7 editions to Windows 10, but it’s difficult to anticipate any problems that might occur as part of your upgrade.

At DataMagic Computer Services, we don’t want to see anyone stuck in the dark ages with software that is no longer covered by critical security updates. Contact our Dallas IT experts today at (469) 635-5500 to see how we can work our magic to get your systems upgraded before the January 14, 2020 deadline for a Windows 7 upgrade. As the #1 Microsoft support partner in Dallas and surrounding areas, we believe in making technology work seamlessly across the organization, so your teams can focus on growing your business and allow the technology to fade into the background.

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